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Sep 29, 2013 07:40 AM

Ekiben Recommendations for Tokyo Station, Shin-Kobe and Kyoto Station

I'm finding it hard to pull relevant threads for ekiben-specific recommendations using the search function; would be grateful for any help, both in locating existing content and for new suggestions here on bento vendors worth seeking out at these stations.

Am planning to visit Liquors Hasegawa at Tokyo Station to buy my husband a couple of Japanese beers for that journey as well.

Many thanks for your help,

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  1. Regarding beers, there's a newly opened liquor shop inside the gates that sells a good selection of Japanese craft beers; it's on the basement level of Grandsta, just west of Hasegawa Saketen. It's called Le Collier Marunouchi, I believe. They also have a little stand-up bar where you can grab a beer or wine.

    I don't know anything about ekiben - I just pick what looks good. Sometimes I get the Sendai beef-tongue bento from Rikyu, which is quite good.

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      Thanks Robb!

      (See you in a few weeks, looking forward to it, really must email so we can make some plans on where to meet).

    2. I was at this place in Tokyo Station in November 2012...

      Nifty little shop, but probably needless to say, popular or special ekibens will sell out fast...

      Link courtesy of 'Food Sake Tokyo' blog/site... ^^

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      1. I love to buy bento. Although some stations have better bento than others, in my experience the best ones are in the high end department stores. I usually buy something somewhere like Isetan and take it on the train. Many of the vendors also sell special ones that require ordering ahead, so if I'm taking a long trip and I want something special I'll order one. I usually order one to take on the plane when I go back to LA. Although there are exceptions like the beef bento in Matsuzaka, I rarely see the special ones with tons of stuff in them and two stacked boxes in the train stations.

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          Aah, this is good to know, thank you. I do like Isetan!