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Sep 29, 2013 06:20 AM

Reading Market question

Almost time for our annual pilgrimage to Philly over Thanksgiving for regional Irish Dance championships. Can anyone tell me whether there is a place in the fabulous Reading Market where I can get kaffir lime leaves???? Also, would appreciate any low- to mid-price suggestions for adventurous eaters (including a 13 year old) in walking distance from Center City. Thanks for any input; can't wait to get back to Philly.

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  1. Little Thai Market in Reading Terminal in sell kaffir lime leaves.

    I am curious what you mean by adventurous eating. I might suggest perhaps Rangoon in Chinatown, which is Burmese cooking, flavors that range from chinese to indian in very interesting combinations. There are certainly other places that might be more adventurous especially if you are looking for spicy food, or dishes with offal. Han Dynasty for Szechuan food (either in Old City or University City) might be another place to consider. You might also enjoy the korean styled fried chicken at federal doughnuts..

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        The Little Thai Market will look like they don't have them because it is mostly take out prepared foods and a small 'market" selection - but just ask - they have them.
        I'll suggest E Mei for Szechuan - almost all Asian clientele, very good food. Also, Kanella for Cypriot is pretty close too

    1. Seems like the CH's nailed your first question. Regarding low-mid-price suggestions: While picking up your kaffir lime leaves you are in a great spot for adventurous eaters as one can choose for a variety of sandwiches, dishes and sweets at RTM. Chinatown is just an egg roll away from the RTM and has mid-range menus at the places previously mentioned and others.