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Sep 29, 2013 06:06 AM

Tampa--Citrus Park Mall Williams Sonoma Closure

Does anyone know why the Williams Sonoma in the Citrus Park Mall closed? Their sister store, Pottery Barn, is closed, too. Williams Sonoma was so busy at this location that it is hard to believe that it was from a lack of business. (Inspired by Janniecooks' "opposite number" posting for a new store in Vero Beach.)

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  1. Oh swell. If The Tampa area can't support a Williams Sonoma, store, I have grace concerns for the longevity of our new WS outlet in sleepy Vero Beach. We are so starved for quality shopping and dining experiences here.

    1. I heard they had 4 stores in the Tampa market and were oversaturated. That location had lower sales of "big ticket" items. The Hyde park store also closed and is now West Elm I believe. The Wire Grass and International plaza are remaining open