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Sep 29, 2013 04:39 AM

Fine dining in Newark

I live in Northern Bergen County and would appreciate a recommendation for 'finer' dining in Newark.

I have eaten up-and-down Ferry St , while visiting The Rock and Red Bull, but need something appropriate for dinner for a party of 4. Type of cuisine is not as important as 'the room'.

Huntley Taverne would be my alternate, if I can't come up with something in Newark proper.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. How about Nico Kitchen + Bar at NJPAC? That might be as nice a "room" as there is in the immediate area.

    1. Adega Grill (on ferry) has a more upscale atmosphere/vibe as compared to other places in the ironbound + shares a big pkg lot w Seabra's Marisqueria 1/2 a block away...

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      1. re: Curlz

        We had 8pm reservation for 4 people at Seabra's last night. They have no host/hostess and no noticeable system for handling the reservations.

        After an hour of waiting and no one communicating with us, we walked across the street to Adega. We were seated immediately, treated royally and the food was great. Much nicer decor than Seabra. Seabra is on our X list. Rude!

        1. re: scarlet knight

          Glad you enjoyed Adega - I have for years - but Seabra's is a totally different animal. I'm just curious--did you try to flag anyone down and ask what the story was? There's always someone who will get the 1-2 guys who are allowed to deal with customers (vs. the waiters)...

          I recently had the experience of calling in for a res, and then my friends were running more than 1/2 hour late. While I told the guy at the book (entrance to the rear dining room) that they'd be there at 8:30 (before 8pm), when I went back over after my friends called with their ETA, my name was simply crossed out. After I watched two other patrons walk over and write their names down b/c the 'host' wasn't around, I did the same and we were eventually seated.

          I can't get angry with them; the line on a Saturday night is usually running the length of the place + the bar is completely full. I was actually shocked when I called to get a res and they took my name! They're an untraditional spot in that way--but I don't think that's the case with Adega, so I'm glad you found a suitable alternative!

          1. re: Curlz

            Curlz, as long as the seats are full, I don't think Seaba's gives a hoot about who's waiting or for how long. Our male friend had back trouble so I was walking around the block with him while our wives waited.

            They said few people were leaving and no staff members talked to them, except once to say they'd be seated soon,which didn't happen.

            We enjoyed Seabra's in the past, but we'll go back to Adega and try other places.

      2. Went to SolMar last week. Seriously good food. Wonderful service. A special of grilled squid was incredible, and huge...

        May not be beautiful, but the food was wonderful!!

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        1. re: sockster

          SolMar is our next target in Ironbound! Heard good things. Do they serve caipirnhas?

          1. re: scarlet knight

            They have a full bar...their sangria was wonderful

        2. Thank you for your suggestions.

          Nico is exactly what I'm looking for. Given the reason for the dinner, it will work perfectly.

          I'll follow-up with a review in a couple of weeks.

          1. Does seabras still serve the "exotic" meats like alligator and ostrich, etc?