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Sep 29, 2013 03:14 AM

Healdsburger [Healdsburg, Sonoma County]

Located in a remodeled A&W, Healdsburger kept the outdoor seating, fast food counter service, and introduced more fresh products and cooking to order. The other big change from the A&W days is the beer and wine license. Besides a house white and red, the selection includes wines-by-the-glass from Healdsburg premium wineries. A couple years ago the ownership turned over, and a friend in town urged me to try the hand cut French fries made from fresh potatoes a la In-N-Out.

An order of small fries is only $2, making the generous serving double-plated on an aluminum baking sheet to catch the overfill even more surprising. The skin-on golden brown fries had excellent potato-y flavor, but they’re on the soft side despite the color with creamy interiors.

The “Big Daddy” Cheese Burger, $7.25, weighs in at 7 ounces of meat. When the grill man couldn’t tell me where the beef was sourced other than his assurance, “no pink slime”, I ordered mine medium-well with pepper jack cheese. Dressed with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup then swaddled in paper fast food style, the condiments were applied too liberally for my taste onto the lightly griddled balloon-bread sesame-seeded bun.

Very fresh garnishes, and the meat was cooked as ordered with nice browning for flavor and good eye appeal. I liked both the fries and the burger more than In-n-Out. Yet, the burger seems overpriced to me compared to other options in town.

Alioto’s Healdsburger
48 Healdsburg Ave
Healdsburg, CA

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  1. I'm curious - what are some of your favorite burger options in Healdsburg? My husband's always on the lookout for good burgers.

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    1. re: The Librarian

      Would you have the CK Lamb burger at Bistro Ralph?

      1. re: Cynsa

        You know, I haven't been in Bistro Ralph for 10+ years. Are you recommending the lunch time lamb burger?

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          yes, it's been years since I worked in Healdsburg and lunched at Bistro Ralph's... it was always consistently good and I do like the lamb burger option.
          reviewing your linked menu, I'd go for chicken livers on polenta but the 'Montana Burger' would be a good choice for The Librarian's DH.

          1. re: Cynsa

            The Montana Burger sounds excellent, minus the optional Gruyere. Cheese on a burger is considered a felony in his mind. We'll have to try Bistro Ralph - everything sounds great.

      2. re: The Librarian

        I added a list of the burgers I've had in the DOTM thread,

        One place I'd like to hear about is Frank & Ernie's that took over the Boot's space.

      3. The best fries are made with potatoes that have been stored long enough to lose some of their moisture. The generally justified disdain for frozen food is mistaken in this context.