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Sep 29, 2013 12:37 AM

Wedding cocktail reception for 20-30, soho, ev, les, TriBeCa?

My good friend lives overseas and is coming to NYC Oct 19 (yes, right around the corner!) to host a small celebration of his weddings with his friends here.

He's thinking SoHo, LES, EV, WV or TriBeCa. 20-30 people. Late afternoon, early evening. Mostly wants to enjoy champers and cocktails, less focused on food. He does not need a private room and definitely doesn't want one with a huge minimum. Happy to gather people in a bar and perhaps order plates of food.

He's in his 30s and is pretty hip, so something not too stodgy.

And -- I'm enquiring with him on price point. So far he's said "something that won't break the bank" -- so I'm imagining less than $100 per person all in (probably closer to $50-75, if that's possible) if there is a minimum spend.

Any ideas?

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