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Sep 28, 2013 11:49 PM

Samba Taste of Brazil in Hopkins

I've been meaning to try this place for months, and finally made it there this past week. The feijoada was one of the best I've had, certainly better than anything I've tried at home in the San Francisco area over the past 18 years. The wine list is small but very well chosen with good Portuguese, Chilean, and Argentine choices all available by the glass. My glass of Dão was just what I wanted with the feijoada.

There are plenty of other good-looking Brazilian specialties on the menu so I must get back to try more. Do other hounds have favorite dishes here?

Their web site is


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  1. Thank you for reporting back on this place. I've always been curious about it. Did you happen to have a chance to check out the grocery? If yes, how was it? Did they have a lot of interesting products?

    Somehow, I didn't realize you were from SF. You are just visiting MN? Or, have you moved here?


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      I work for a company that is headquartered in Eden Prairie, so I get to the Twin Cities about once a month. Hence my focus on the western suburbs, though I do get to Minneapolis and St. Paul on occasion.

      Sorry, I didn't check out the grocery.


    2. I went back with a friend tonight and we tried the mandioca frita, the shrimp moqueca, and the chicken atolado. All were excellent; the entrees had a great mix of flavors, and the mandioc had a lovely frying job. A glass of Chilean Carmenere went great with my chicken atolado. There are still several more Brazilian specialties left to try on their menu!