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Where is the tastiest dim sum these days?

Hi, i want to bring some out of towners to a nice dim sum restaurants. Any suggestions?

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  1. Hakkasan, but with an asterisk. I blew $50 at lunch there a couple of days ago. However, nothing else in New York comes close.

    1. Is "nice" code for "not in chinatown"? Or "nice" food...?

        1. Nom Wah - solid and adorable, very busy on the weekends though, better to go on a weekday.

          Dim Sum Gogo - been decent lately, kind of divey ambience.

          Jing Fong - largest dining room in NYC, more fun for the madhouse experience than for the food, which is just okay.

          Or head to Pacificana in Sunset Park, also a crazy scene but much better food than Jing Fong

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            +1 Dim Sum Go Go.

            Food is decent, despite its shabby ambience.

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              Amazing 88
              Golden Unicorn
              Hop Shing
              Or head to Lake Pavillion in Queens

          2. I like Golden Unicorn for the more traditional dim sum experience [ladies pushing the carts around].

            I went to Nom Wah recently and wasn't too impressed. It's more on the "expensive" side for dim sum and you order off a menu. Definitely caters to more of an American dining style.

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              Ordering off a menu for dim sum is not an American thing. The better places in Hong Kong started this. They steam your items to order that way.

              I recently took some out of town guests, who are rather dim sum newbies, to Golden Unicorn. It was my first visit in a few years. This is like the perfect place to experience dim sum with training wheels. The room is clean and bright and the carts have bilingual labeled photos on the front. The selection is pretty standard. The two best items we had were the shrimp shumai and the radish cake- which they griddle to order table side. Everything else was decent, though there were some gummy oversteamed items in the mix. Overall though, nothing really popped......A large tour group came in toward the end of the meal.

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                At GU i usually try to sit by the kitchen, so I can get items right out of kitchen or at least get a good feel what items have been around the restaurant a few times. Usually i get the Lo May Gai, the chicken feet, the spare rib, shumai, and har gow or is it har gao. ( not gonna worry about wrong phonetic spelling). I like to end with egg custard but I find the egg custard at the nearby bakery is better. As far as other dim sum places in Ctown, Golden Unicorn I find better than Jing Fong where I had really horrible shrimp, DSGG i like their originality but I've had too many unfresh items there, Red Egg I don't like at all and they double charged my credit card. Hop Shing I like for take out. Amazing 88 aka Triple 8's used to be great, then soso, and last time i went it was very good. I have to try 30 Pell again, its been quite awhile and probably changed hands 10 times since last I was there, but years ago it was the best. Nom Wah I went to recently after not going for decades, I didn't think it was as good as GU for dim sum. That being said, I agree that nothing at GU really pops, but the food is usually fresh, ( i never get the room temperature fried items, they usually taste older to me). Turnip cakes fresh grilled are usually good. As I'm typing, I remember a dim sum place called Vegetarian Paradise on Pell street had some good vegetarian dim sum, i'm not sure if it still exists.

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                  as Silverjay said ordering off the menu is not an american thing, most places (and every good place) in HK is off the menu, the carts are a relic of the past

                  ordering off the menu is way better bc the dim sum is much fresher

                  1. re: Lau

                    Ordering off the menu vs carts, freshness depends on how busy a place is and how they run their kitchen. I have ordered off menu and have gotten not so fresh items in a few places( including in Queens).I have ordered off carts and have gotten very fresh items. I often ask for items I don't see on carts and they go into kitchen and get it done for me. I have not been to HK, which ordering off the menu seems to be what is most prevalent these days, and undoubtedly fresh. But NYC is not HK. PS: i'm a relic of the past too lol

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                      which place in queens is off the menu? i think pretty much every place in flushing is carts

                      btw cart is just luck of the draw as to when you run into the cart as to whether it will be fresh or not

                      ordering off the menu should be fresh to order although i think as you may have experienced that is not always the case in NY

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                        #1 dim sum or #1 Restaurant or something with Number One at beginning of name, on Main St off menu dim sum.
                        With carts, I find you can tell if same cart is going around with same stuff. But even in cart places if you want, say Lo may gai, and they go into kitchen and bring it out, it is usually fresh. In other words you can request certain things you don't see.
                        Red Egg i've had terrible stuff ordered off menu. DSGG ( it was in evening which is not good time) I had old , very old, dim sum ordered off menu.
                        At Lake Pavillion, I have had fresh and good dim sum.

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                          hmmm #1...not sure which place that is, ill go look around for it

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                            it is on the corner ,same side of street as McDonalds, I think a block or two towards Northern Blvd. i think it has a red sign. I am pretty sure it is called #1 Chinese Restaurant

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                  Almost all of the dim sum in Vancouver, the dim sum capital of North America is menu, not cart. In Los Angeles there are two tiers of dim sum--high quality and ordinary. All the high quality stuff is menu driven, all the ordinary stuff is off carts. My picks for the top dim sim in Manhattan Chinatown, Red Egg and Dim Sum Go Go, are both order off the menu.

                3. What is the best in Chinatown for either dim sum or a sit-down meal? Any Hunan or Szechuan places in Chinatown that are reliably good? Is Nom Wah worth it for the experience (been around since 1920 or whatever)?
                  Any opinions on the best Chinese restaurant overall in NYC?

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                    In reply to your question about the best Chinese restaurant overall, I say Hakkasan. There are many threads about it that will give you a good idea of the restaurant.

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                      Pretty broad questions that are worth their own threads! And some time searching on here...

                    2. Why does no one mention Oriental Garden? Did they close? I think they have the best "nice" dim sum, or atleast used to have.

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                      1. re: swannee

                        I'm a fan of OG, but I don't find their dim sum terribly exciting - more a place I go to for dinner. And even then, I tend to lean more towards Ping's and Fuleen these days, as I found my last couple meals at OG - while fine, quality-wise - nothing to write home about, especially not for the price (they're handily the most expensive place in Chinatown)

                        1. re: sgordon

                          If one is willing to pay OG prices, might as well just suck it up a bit more and go to Hakkasan and do it right.

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                            OG is about exactly half the price of Hakkasan.

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                              And since Hakkasan is probably 4x most of Chinatown, you can see the price spread.

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                                I think that really is it, isn't it.

                                If one is going to pay for overpriced mediocre dim sum, might as well do it right, and go all the way.

                                Otherwise, just stick to the low-price, bargain basement stuff.

                        2. re: swannee

                          OG is awful for dim sum (dinner is decent), the quality of their dim sum was so bad last time i was there that we didn't even both finishing it and ended up going to eat at another restaurant (wasn't just that time either although that was the worst, its been pretty bad every time ive been there)

                          1. re: Lau

                            I have to add that I haven't had dimsum at OG in several years. But it seems strange that it should be as bad as Lau describes. Their food in general is very high quality ingredients prepared with too little imagination or flair--and this trend has certainly gotten more pronounced in recent years.

                            1. re: swannee

                              their dinner is not reflective of their dim sum at all, their dinner is fine. But their dim sum is really bad; i think most manhattan dim sum is not just mediocre its quite bad. I generally go to DSGG, i thought nom wah was decent but its been a while since ive been.

                        3. Hi, i'm the original poster on this. I think my use of the word "nice" has caused confusion, what i really meant was "most delicious," didn't mean it as a judgment or "upscale."
                          Thanks everyone for the excellent tips!!

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                            Most delicious in Manhattan for dim sum would be Hakkasan.

                            If I could just have about 80 (each) of those pumpkin and seafood puffs all to myself, I'd be happy. And stuffed.

                            Everything else is sort of just ok to good. But those damn fucking puffs.

                          2. hakkasan has the best dim sum in NY by a long shot, better than any of the manhattan or flushing places

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                            1. re: Lau

                              i think I'll try getting into hakkasan for lunch today. I don't know how difficult that will be

                              1. re: foodwhisperer

                                It was empty last Thursday afternoon.

                                1. re: Chandavkl

                                  i think its only busy on the weekends

                                  1. re: Lau

                                    It wasn't crowded today but had a about 8 full tables. Well my table was only me. I wrote about it on other post.

                            2. Is it me or most dim sum places in Chinatown pretty much taste the same.

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                                Yes, because most of it is ordinary, except perhaps Dim Sum Go Go or Red Egg.