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What's your favorite cheese to put on garlic bread?

I make garlic bread fairly regularly, and it's about time for me to change it up. I thought cheesy garlic bread would be nice for a change. What is your favorite cheese to use for cheesy bread?

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  1. Shredded cheddar - a nice 3-type blend of WI, NY,and NH cheddars, or a simple WI one. But cheese preferences are so personal I'd say "whichever one is YOUR favorite".

    I much prefer shredded to sliced, for ease of bite w/o risk of pulling off all the cheese at once and also for better mix of the garlic and cheese topping flavors.

    1. If I just want a rich nutty flavor, I go with a light sprinkling of microplaned good quality Parmigiano-Reggiano. If I want melted gooeyness, I go with a whole milk mozzarella. None of that part-skim nonsense for me.

      1. Shredded cheddar mixed with grated Parmesan.

        1. Comte makes a great cheese bread for onion soup....though I usually just toast bread and rub raw garlic on it, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with Kosher salt.

          1. Oh, melty Fontina. The flavor is great, and I really like the texture of Fontina melted.

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              I made pizza last night with a blend of whole milk mozzarella and fontina - it was truly fantastic. I think this will be my go-to pizza cheese from now on.

            2. You might want to post your question on the Cheese Board where the cheeseheads will weigh in. Here's the link,

              1. For gooey and melty, it's either provolone or muenster (seriously) and sometimes both.

                For non melty, either pecorino romano or grana padana.

                1. Many years ago, I used to work for an Italian restaurant that made the most decadent and delicious garlic bread. They would slather the bread with a garlic/butter/parsley mixture, and put it in the oven to heat up. Meanwhile, they would make a cheese sauce with Romano, cream and butter. It was unbelievably delicious. Of course, I was in my 20s then and a runner, so I could eats things like that, but I still dream about it!

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                    Oh, man, that sounds decadent! Did they put it back in the oven after adding the cheese sauce?

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                      No, they would heat up the bread, slice it, open it up, and then pour the cheese sauce over it. No one could finish it, but everyone used to want to order it and take the rest home.

                      And come to think of it, I think they used Sardo and not Romano in the sauce. Sardo was cheaper.

                  2. My mom would take a loaf of Italian and slice it up. Not all the way through though, just to the bottom so it was still in a loaf. Then she'd melt butter with fresh roasted garlic and stuff mozz, parm and some fontina in each hole. Then wrap it all up in foil and bake. When it came out she'd sprinkle fresh parsley, Italian of course :)

                    And I wonder why I have weight issues, lol.