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Sep 28, 2013 06:08 PM

Stainless still bowls scrach quickly

I purchased these bowls:

I used them few times with the stainless steal whisk and the bottom scratched right away.

Is this normal for the stainless steal bowls?

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  1. All materials can be ranked according to their hardness. A harder item will always scratch a softer one. Glass is hard, but a diamond is harder, and can scratch glass. In this case, steel of your whisk is as hard, if not harder, than the steel of the bowls. Shiny surfaces like this will show scratches more readily than brushed, or matt, surfaces.

    1. Yes, very normal. They all get scratched. It is just a matter of the severity.

      1. It's normal. If you want to minimize the effect, you can get silicone whisks (and a brand new bowl).

        1. Thx, I though that good quality stainless steel material would not scratch at all, but if that's not a case i am fine with scratching it.

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            I have seen everything from cheap to commercial catering quality stainless bowls. The more scratches the better, it makes food taste better.

            Actually.... no i am joking about the taste.

            I have never seen a stainless bowl that was not covered in scratches from one rim to the other, if i ever did see one i would know that person does not cook.

            This is exactly WHY we buy stainless. Use it, abuse it, scratch it, leave it overnight in a sink of dishes and water with little/no consequence, leave it caked in whatever was being mixed, come back tomorrow or the next day.... scrub the living heck out of it with a stainless scourer.... good as new.

            The more you abuse your stainless bowls the longer you will live... it's proven science.

              1. re: Sneef

                I will say however, that it seems these bowls you have are completely garbage (from reviews), and i will say that while scratching is not any sign of a bad stainless product, yours looks really amazingly scratched in short order, fear you have the worst bowls on earth and they will not last (it is confusing to me how they could make something so simple so badly)...

                I would advise going to your local restaurant supplier and buying something from there to replace. You won't spend a lot of money and they will outlast you, me and probably this planet.

                I have seen stainless mixing bowls abused in so many ways... left out in the rain filled with stuff including other metals that are far from "stainless", stainless bowls that live on boats at sea... the worst you can do is get some rust stains on it and you can get an "eraser" that basically scratches that off...

                Meaning you essentially can not ruin a good stainless bowl unless you run it over with a Ford F series.

                Also worth noting, is that stainless tends to come in two types. Mirror finish and brushed. It's going to get scratched to hell if you really use it (and you should), so i will always pass on the mirror finish stuff because past day 1 it'll never look that way on the inside, but the outside will be less scratched, not unscratched by any means, but less.

                To quote a film i like (points for anyone who can name it!).

                "Heavy is good, a sign of reliability. If it does not work, you can always hit him with it" (talking about a gun).

                Well i have one bowl in particular, no idea where it arrived from... but i mean you could take to this thing with a hammer and you would be checking the hammer for dents. It's heavy and it's good. It does not shift around on the bench and you can play basketball with it without worrying about "ohh my precious bowl, will it be ok?".

                I buy 99% of everything from the internet. 85% of that from Amazon. I am not in the US so i export everything from the US to here. I recently bought a new set of stainless bowls here locally, as i had to fondle them to know they were right. Sending things back for a refund is impractical when there is so much Ocean to cover.

                  1. re: Sneef

                    I Googled the quote and now know I was wrong!

              2. I have extremely expensive Japanese stainless steel mixing bowls (forgot the manufacturer, but they cost a fortune) and they scratch as well. I think it is just the nature of stainless steel. My Japanese bowls are so beautiful I wished I had used a silicone whisk, but alas I didn't and they have scratches.

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                1. re: omotosando

                  Well, steel bowls are not meant to be made very hard. However, even very hard steel can scratch, just look your hard steel knives. They are much others than other steels in your kitchen, and even they can scratch. Let's alone a mixing bowl.

                  1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                    What, they don't make mixing bowls from hardened tool steel?

                    What kind of ignorant consumers do those manufacturer's takes us for? :)

                    1. re: paulj

                      <What kind of ignorant consumers do those manufacturer's takes us for? :)>

                      Ha ha ha. :D