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Sep 28, 2013 05:04 PM

Bleating Heart cheeses [Sonoma County, CA]

I'm a sheep's milk cheese fanatic, so I've been following Bleating Heart Dairy on Facebook even though it's very hard to find in stores. I scored some of their flagship cheese: Fat Bottom Girl, a few months ago and thought it was excellent.

Then I read they were experimenting with blue cheese, and I had to have some. When I saw they were going to be at the nearby Eat Real Fest, I ran right down and scored some of the blue, dubbed "Ewelicious," and a larger-format version of their Shepardista, called "Big Shep."

Both cheeses are delicious, although I thought the texture was not quite as luxuriously creamy as I expect from a sheep's milk cheese. The blue is very well balanced: strong, but without of the bitterness or ammonia notes blues can develop. The texture is in the medium range for a blue (not as soft as a gorgonzola, not as hard as a cabrales), and slightly more crumbly and grainy than I would have liked. If they could smooth out the texture this would be an outstanding cheese. Big Shep reminded me of a sheep's milk cheddar, with a sharp tang and a firm, slightly crumbly texture. I enjoyed it, but considering the usual retail price point, I'm not sure I'd buy it again (at Eat Real they were selling chunks approximately 1/3 pound for $5, but they usually retail for twice that).

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  1. Are those two also raw milk?

    I think this photo is a wheel of Fat Bottom Girl in the case at Freestone Artisan Cheese shop.

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      Yes, they're both raw milk. I believe the Ewelicious has not been released to retailers and I don't know if they distribute outside of Northern California, so your cheesemonger would have to special order it.

    2. Thanks - I don't know this cheese and I'll look for it. We'reclose to Old Chatham and I'm a big fan of their Blue Ewe.

      1. Freestone Artisan Cheese had Ewelicious in today. A follow-up tasting note:

        Freestone Artisan Cheese shop