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Sep 28, 2013 04:43 PM

Molecular Gastronomy or Tapas style

Any of those on any of the islands?
Also looking at:
Brazilian grill (big swords); we have meat lover friends - we'd like a fish option though.
Mediterranean (Greek or Italian) fish focused menu

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  1. Don't know of ay molecular or tapas style places in HNL, although there may be some molecular stuff at some of the higher-end places in Waikiki that I'm not familiar with.

    No Brazilian grill...had one years ago but gone now.

    Mediterranean, best choice is Olive Tree near Kahala Mall...very informal w a big takeout business. Very popular and very good. BYOB

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      1. Where do you live and why are you looking for these things? It's been my experience that Oahu is the most sophisticated of the islands (given that it has the only bit city) and Oahu really good at certain genres of food but not all of the ones you're looking for... After all, Hawaii is a remote island chain. I'm not sure what your expectations are, or if those just your favorites that you look for everywhere and you haven't done any other research.

        When we visit, make it a point to eat "Pacific Rim," seafood, Japanese, Hawaiian / local food, especially things you can't find on the mainland. Stuff you can only find in Hawaii.

        This thread may prove illuminating:

        Or this:

        1. Were I heading to Hawai`i, I would be looking for regional cuisine, well-prepared from regional ingredients.

          What you are asking for, is like traveling to New Orleans, and asking where to get authentic Philly cheesesteaks.



          1. As many have mentioned, neither type of food has taken hold in Hawaii.

            Instead of Tapas we have pupu's. It is not uncommon for my friends and I to go out and order several different kinds of pupu's instead of ordering individual plates for dinner. Places such as Side Street Inn, Ryans, Tiki's, Haleiwa Joe's, and yes even the House Without A Key at the Halekulani are great for this. It's probably not going to be less expensive, but it will give you a much wider variety of food for each person.

            As far as Molecular Gastronomy, I've heard that Morimoto's has some sort of 'foam' with one of their dishes, but in general it's not something you are going to find here. Instead I suggest focusing on some of our finer 'fusion' restaurants. Honolulu has been described as a place where the west is east, and the east is west. We have a long heritage of swapping ingredients and recipes, resulting in some pretty wonderful food. The common term for it is 'fusion' and places like Roys, Alan Wong's, Chef Mavro, Town, 12th Avenue Grill, etc. have refined such food and brought it to a new level.

            One thing to remember is that most of our population is either from the continental US or from Asia. No ethnic group forms a majority, although if you lump asians into one big group, they do become a majority. Otherwise whites are the largest minority. Our european (non-US) population, our Latino Population, and our African American populations are all very small for a US city of this size.

            Hope this gives you some ideas. Look forward to hearing what your experiences are.

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              We just had a very unspectacular meal at Morimoto's (the full Omakase Tasting), and while there was foam on one dish, it was not what I would call " Molecular Gastronomy").


              1. re: Bill Hunt

                Gee BIll I'm sorry to hear that. I know you were so looking forward to it. I'm sure the company of your longtime friends helped make the evening special despite the food. But shame on Morimoto at the Modern for this disappointing showing.

                  1. re: manomin

                    Let me just say that Orchids, with friends, was the best part of that day - other than being in the presence of my young wife for both meals!

                    Regarding Morimoto's at the Modern, we were badly disappointed. We had not dined at any of his restaurants, since shortly after he opened in Philadelphia. That meal was very good, to great, and we DID have high hopes. Not to be this time.