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Nov 15, 2004 01:00 PM

Cretia's on McKinney

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Has anybody been to this place yet? I read Dotty's review. The food is hit or miss. I'll reserve the until someone else posts.


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  1. Ate there one weekend day at lunch. Nothing to brag about as best I could tell. Competent food. However, the service was quite good. But we were one of only two or three tables at the time.

    1. Pitiful excuse for a restaurant ! seedy atmospher, bad food, inexcusable service.

      1. Have not eaten there but my wife is crazy about the strawberry (I think - maybe cherry?) icebox cookies.

        1. I think they're getting the Javier's overflow crowd. I never thought the food or, baked goods were worth a second trip.

          1. I'd say not to waste your time or money - the service was bad, the food was a joke - when we asked to speak to the manager we were told he would be few minutes - it was more like an hour before this so called manager never once did he apologize and when we asked to speak with Cretia we were given the run around. He took our names and phone number but we were never called. We're still waiting.... You would think they would want repeat business especially from their own neighborhood. My wife and I won't be returning and will definitely share our experience with friends, neighbors and as you know anyone that cares to listen. we do our best to support the local eateries and shops but this one definitely puts a bad taste in your mouth I mean this literally! Note to Cretia - We're waiting to hear back from you?

            Cretias On McKinney
            4900 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75205

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              So what EXACTLY was wrong with the food and service?