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Sep 28, 2013 04:35 PM

Potato katsu...where can I find?

I was in Seattle recently and had potato katsu for the first time at a sushi place. They were so good I want to find some in Boston? I live in Allston but will happily travel to get some.


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  1. Potato katsu seems to just be korokke, or croquettes with no filling. They sell them at Ittyo, or at least they did when I went some time ago (I read it's changed a lot) though they might have had carrot in the mix, too. Tampopo has filled ones. The best is the curry. I don't think they have plain ones.

    1. The Japonaise bakery has a croquette sandwich which is what you're looking for. There's one on Beacon Street in Brookline. It at the first stop above ground stop on the C line.