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Sep 28, 2013 03:10 PM

Smoke signals BBQ

Anyone been? I have been out of town and will be out of town until mid October but have seen talk of this place on the usual social media outlets. I know little about it other than they claim central Texas style BBQ, have an allegiance to snows, and are smoking with cherry wood. I think it's in the hot n dog space in parkdale and looks legit. Any knowledge? I'm excited to try when I get home as BBQ just plain doesn't exist where I'm at

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  1. Does not look like it is a restaurant.. just a guy smoking in his backyard and selling it at events...

    No affiliation to Snows.. they just post videos of Texas BBQ legends...

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    1. re: pourboi

      It is a restaurant, open in the former hot n dog space. A friend got a plate of food from there yesterday.

      I know they aren't affiliated with snows but they shout them out on Facebook and I feel like it's a rarity for people in Toronto to even know what snows is, at least judging by some of the other stuff that has passed for BBQ in our town. Just thought it was a good sign that they paid attention to stuff like that and the type of wood they're smoking with.

      Anyways regardless I'm just interested to hear from an unbiased perspective if the BBQ is any good (my friend who ate there is friends with the owners, who I also now realize I know in passing, so I can't get an entirely objective view)

      1. re: disgusti

        On their facebook they had a flyer (


        And it looks like they were only at that location yesterday serving for a couple of hours...

        Plus they mentioned that their neighbour called the fire department because they thought their "house" (not restaurant) was burning down from the smell of the smoke...

        The Hot n Dog looked to be a one day temporary pop up thing.. But for now it does not look like they have an "Active" restaurant going... report back with the hours if you find I am wrong...

        1. re: pourboi

          Fair! Like I said I'm out of town and just reporting on what I am seeing online. Clarification is appreciated from anyone in the know

    2. You can find them at the Junction flea market as well

      1. From what I had at the Junction Flea and the popup in Parkdale I really couldn't recommend going out of your way for it. It's good by Toronto standards if that says anything, but the words "great" and "barbecue" just don't seem to go hand in hand here in Toronto at all. Maybe it was just two mediocre experiences but from all the "Central Tex" claiming they do on their website and Facebook I wasn't expecting "dry and uneven" - I guess it's unfair to compare them to Barque or Electric Mud since they're not really a restaurant, but they are better than those two if you're ever in Parkdale when they're serving and looking for an option.

        1. From their facebook page on Oct 5

          "Update alert! We now have a home at 216 Close Ave in Parkdale but will still be only popping up every now and then and at various events. Follow us so you know when we do. We also do catering so if you can't ever make it out to us, just hire us and you'll have all the brisket your heart - or your colon - can handle."

          I've never heard of them prior to this thread. Can't wait to try their next pop up