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Nov 15, 2004 08:36 AM

Austin TexMex: Polvos over Guero's

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Guero's in my opinion no longer holds the appeal that it once did. The food and drinks are good, but not exceptional.
For more "Keep Austin Weird" flav, excellent Fajitas and fantastic margaritas...I believe it is Polvo's all the way. The decor is not slick, but the food is always great.

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  1. I must be missing something - I looked forward to the fajitas at Polvos and when I finally got there ....

    they tasted like soy sauce!? Nothing was very tasty about them - and then to be charged for chips and salsa on top of that?

    hmmm ...

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    1. re: Anjali

      DId you order the guajillo beef fajitas at Polvos, or the regular ones? The guajillo ones are sublime.

      Guero's is overrated to me. I only order tacos there now when I'm forced to go.

      Also, right around the corner on Oltorf and S. 1st there is Little Mexico. They have a white cheese/poblano enchilada that is excellent...and cheaper than tacos at Guero's. No waiting!

      1. re: Anjali

        as my pop says, "Menos burros..."


        sorry you didn't like Polvo's. It's one of my favorite places.

        Yeah, I can understand you're gripe about paying for chips and sauce, but they offer five different sauces and you can take as much as you want (and I've seen more than one table abuse that privlidge)

      2. I like Guerro's if I wanna drink a quick strong little margarita. I get tired of sugar and bottled lime juice, so theirs rock.

        I used to hate Polvo's, but in the last five or six years they have gotten their act together. My favorite there so far...puerco en salsa roja. It was a saturday special, it put me into a food coma and I loved it. The salsa bar (with escabeche...mmmmmm...escabeche) is worth the damn buck fitty.

        I really like El Rey in the Brodie Oaks shopping center. Their chile verde is the best that I've had in this state (by NM standards, it's mediocre). The rest of the food is decent. Go on a Friday or Saturday night. Sit near the front window. Have some drinks and get smashed while you watch people at Trudy's spend an hour looking for the entrance to the building through a crowd of people deluded into thinking there is something of worth in that cesspool.

        Right across Lamar (near the Strait Music) is Azul Tequila. I've had some great stuff there; some rellenos stuffed with Tuna in a cream sauce. Sounds revolting, but it was gooood. The best were the albondigas (spicey chipotle meatball soup - where can you go wrong?).

        Moving further south. Went to lunch at Garibaldi. It was pretty good. Worth a few returns to figure out what I liked and why.

        Does anyone rememeber Borrego do Oro, which used to be next to G&S Lounge? They went out of business when a drunk ran his car into the building. It's fixed and a new little Mexican place has opened up. ANyone tried it yet?