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Sep 28, 2013 02:11 PM

Kale Salad?

Anywhere to get a kale focused salad in San Francisco? One day left here and am craving something kale oriented. I know, very random post

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  1. Trick Dog bar's comes to mind and has a lot of accolades, but there are a lot of places.

    1. At Westfield Mall Downtown there's Caffe Central in the food court that has a good kale salad, it's sold by the pound or you can ask for less. I liked it.

      1. The plant cafe would be my go to place. There's one in the marina and one at pier 3.

        1. Kale salad was mentioned at the newly opened Linea Caffe.

          And if you get pushed for time or distance, Whole Foods usually has some kale salad on the prepared food buffet. Several locations around the City.

          1. Mozzeria has a really nice one.