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Sep 28, 2013 01:59 PM

Queens Restaurant Week - any suggestions?

Queens Restaurant Week starts on Monday (not technically a week, since it runs only Monday to Thursday for 2 weeks).

Anyone have suggestions? Most of the restaurants don't have menus on the web site yet, so it's hard to judge which ones would be good. From the small set of menus listed on the site, Uvarara in Middle Villages seems to a good choice. I've been there before and really enjoyed my meal.

Also, what do people look for when they look at these restaurant week menus? Most of the prix fixe menus have very limited number of choices. Personally, the first thing I look for are interesting and inventive appetizers on the menu.

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  1. La Fusta (wow, their website is almost comically awful) and Manducatis Rustica are your best bets food-wise. There are a lot of clunkers on the list.

    1. I agree wit Pookipichu. The list reads like a rundown of all the restaurants in Queens to avoid.

      In terms of decent Italians in FH, Tuscan Hills is not bad. It is not your standard Italian American restaurant with red "gravy." When I have to take out of town guests for work functions and I want a decent safe place, I go there.

      Since I go there on someone else's dime, I will often get the pasta dishes which are usually pretty good. Pasta is al dente and not overloaded with sauce. But the idea of paying $14 for a plate of pasta offends my sense of equity. Do you think you could get away with charging $14 for a plate of fried rice or pad-thai in a Asian restaurant? But since it is European, well, the sky is the limit.

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        I am not a big fan of Tuscan Hills: they were much better when they opened. They are OK, but hardly worth the trek.

        I'd cheer for Pookipichu's recommendations, especially La Fusta . Their Web site may be clunky, but the food is really good: it's one of the best Argentine steakhouses in NYC.

        Roka Turkish seems to be quite popular, and it was recommended to me by a number of people whose taste I trust (alas, no firsthand experience).

        1. re: diprey11

          I only ate at La Fusta once, and was not impressed. Service was slow and distracted, and the meat was incredibly dry.

          1. re: EricMM

            Give it another try, every restaurant has an off-meal. I've been to La Fusta for several decades now and it's my favorite steakhouse in Queens. Try the mixed grill, I've never had dry meat there.

            1. re: Pookipichu

              The mixed grill was what I had. I actually prefer fatty cuts like skirt steak on the drier side, but this was just wearing. Maybe I'll try it again, I really should, but my family was really turned off by the place.

            2. re: EricMM

              While the service at La Fusta can be slow, I have never had a bad steak or grilled sausage there.

              I do recognize that a dry steak is a deal killer, especially for a Latin American restaurant, with its emphasis on skirt steak. I honestly believe that it must have been their day off and that La Fusta a great steakhouse and is most certainly worth a visit, even for those outside of Queens.