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Sep 28, 2013 01:33 PM

Thumann's Jumbo franks in southern NJ?

I've tried Wegman's, Shoprite and McCaffrey's, they do not carry them. Wegman's doesn't seem to carry Thumann's at all. A call to Thumann's led to a local distributor's number in Robbinsville but has not returned my call. Any ideas where to buy these?


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  1. I'm in north Jersey, but I've seen the Thuman's jumbo hot dogs at Pathmark and Costco. Worth a phone call to your local stores to ask if they carry them at their location. I have also gotten them at Walmart in Florida, so it maybe worthwhile to call your local Walmart that has a full grocery dept.

    1. ShopRite in East Windsor has them.

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        Well what ended up happening was that the East Windsor Shoprite Appy dept. very helpfully tried to special order them for me, but the delivery person unfortunately delivered something else. But then the other day I happened to be in Manalapan, I stopped at the Wegman's there for something else, and lo and behold they had them in the Deli dept, the 10-frank packages, so I bought them.

        Then today I stopped at the Hamilton (Rt.33) Shoprite and they had them too, the 5-frank packages.