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Sep 28, 2013 12:55 PM

Feedback on researched family NY visit appreciated

I always value my fellow chowhounds feedback and leave reports for futures after.

We are arriving in NY around 6 pm Thursday in mid-Oct. for a Thursday-Sunday visit. We are staying at the Carlton and while our usual plan would be for pizza Thursday I am worried about the "no reservation" policies with a 11, 9, and 4 yo and a husband on a cane with limited mobility after a catastrophic knee event.

Thus we thought it may be best to eat on site at Millesime and retire to hotel room for a movie.

Friday we plan to do a visit to the Metro Museum (we have been reading "Mixed up Files"), with late breakfast or early lunch (Shalazeh? Lukes Lobster?) in the area. A visit to the "Towers Memorial" is also important. We have early reservations for the family at Gramercy (we were going to do a intimate no kids dinner but EMP is closed for private event).

Saturday AM we were thinking of brunch at Lamb's Club before our 2 pm matinee of Wicked. Then we were thinking of grabbing a cab and hitting Keste for our NY pizza fix around 4 pm before returning to the Carlton and preparing for the early am trip back home.

Kids are very well traveled and well behaved at most venues (wouldn't do Le Louis, Per Se or French Laundry) but are great/comfortable elsewhere....

Any feedback would be, as always, appreciated! h

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  1. Thursday night, make a reservation at Forcella on Park Avenue South. They also do delivery using

    It would also be good to scope out who else delivers or does take out near your hotel. You're not too far from Curry Hill, Blue Smoke, Shake Shack, Eataly, etc. It may also work for you to grab takeout from Eataly's rotisserie, salumi, antipasti, and cheese sections for an in room picnic.

    For the Metropolitan Museum of Art (which most people simply call "the Met"), the walk from Luke's looks short on a map but keep in mind that the blocks are hilly, unlike the rest of Manhattan. So your husband may be going uphill with his cane to get to the museum.

    For the 9/11 Memorial, it is pretty far from the Met. Do keep in mind it is a construction site and he may have trouble getting around. When I last went, it was a bit of a maze to actually enter (because of all the construction, we did things like having to make three lefts instead of a right.) Don't forget to get the free online tickets beforehand. And the only exit from the 9/11 Memorial was on Albany and the West Side Highway, across from the Marriott (which has tons of signs stating there are no bathrooms -- there are also no bathrooms at the Memorial). This may help:

    There's also no good dining options immediately around there and the bridge to get across the west side highway has the elevators out of operation when I tried to use them a few months ago.

    BTW, Sarabeth's by your hotel is well known for their breakfast/brunch. (I haven't done it at that particular branch.) I've also done Penelope, a short walk away.

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    1. re: kathryn

      Well said, kathryn.

      There is a Shake Shack on Murray (across from the WFC):

      Provided there are no accessibility issues, might work for an early lunch on Friday after the Met (uptown) and before 911 (Financial District/Lower Manhattan).

      The FREE NN shuttle bus does a loop of Lower Manhattan.

      1. re: kathryn

        That branch of Sarabeth's is OK, not great, for breakfast/brunch -- but I think Sarabeth's in general is overrated and more popular than it should be.

        1. re: City Kid

          Have another option for sit down breakfast near 29th & Park? Given the knee/cane situation, that's probably the closest.

          1. re: kathryn

            Penelope on Lexington & 30th would be perfect. It's a couple of steps up to the dining area.
            I am sure if you tell them there is an issue with standing too long they will take care of you quickly. Very nice people. We get there before 9 and never have a wait. There is a bench outside if you have to wait a few minutes.

      2. "Saturday AM we were thinking of brunch at Lamb's Club "

        Eh. Better option is Breslin on the away from your hotel to the theater.

        1. Near your hotel Madison Square eats will be open daily 11am-9pm, vendor recap here:

          Would be a good choice for a snack or to pickup dessert one night.

          1. Thank you Kathryn, We now have reservations at Forchella Thursday evening....

            As for brunch at Breslin, we love the idea of an April Bl. venue... But they don't take reservations.... Would this be too hard/ie line with a cane and 3 kids? If we got there early, would this be mitigated?

            The Eataly tip is a great reminder and we are thrilled one is coming to us in the Midwest almost immediately. Before kids, we spent one of the best weeks in our lives touring with Lidia in Italy. We have great fondness for her B. family and can't wait to check this out!

            Also, if we do pizza on Thursday at Forchella, any thoughts for Saturday after "Wicked"? Uncle Boons, Kin Shop, Kittichai? Or DB which I believe is in the theatre area......

            Thanks for all the help. h

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            1. re: shoprdoc

              Earlier is definitely better at the Breslin. The waiting area is the bar and it does get a bit crowded. Might be tough to grab a bar stool to sit on during the wait, given the mobility situation.

              Post-matinee, Pure Thai isn't far.

              1. re: kathryn

                Saturday AMs at the Breslin are typically pretty quiet. If you go before noon, the wait will be minimal. Also, your husband could always sit in the chairs and couches in the adjacent hotel lobby for comfort's sake.

                1. re: loratliff

                  Agree with The Breslin, you get there around or before 11:00 and you shouldn't have a problem; get there at 10:00 for a guaranteed easy in (and The Breslin is a great idea).

            2. Thanks for all the help.

              We are still looking for early dinner reservations Saturday night after the theatre matinee.

              Would my family be welcome at Jungsik? Would Pearl and Ash, Betony, Costata or Perla be better options?

              Do any of the above have booths which we prefer when eating with our family? I appreciate it....

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              1. re: shoprdoc

                Try to change your Lamb's Club plans, it just isn't good and I think any "experience" you had there would be a let down.

                How about A Voce Madison? Very close to your hotel (not as a replacement but just in general).

                Not sure about where I'd recommend with booths.

                1. re: Spiritchaser

                  Sorry to resurrect this old post, but we are going to A Voce Madison Saturday and I'm wondering about the dress code. We will be visiting my folks first and would rather be a bit casual - not jeans but not fancy. Thanks.

                  1. re: wincountrygirl

                    No jeans, no sneakers, "business casual" is fine

                2. re: shoprdoc

                  What happened to the Thai idea?

                  I can't really imagine a 4 year old at any you've listed.

                  1. re: shoprdoc

                    I'd agree with kathryn in that it'd be difficult to imagine bringing your kids to any of those choices mentioned, especially Perla and Pearl & Ash; they're wonderful restaurants, but definitely very lively, loud and packed on Saturday nights even past 10pm.

                    Jungsik, Betony and Costata are obviously calmer (and more expensive). Curious, does your 4 year old like very refined/upscale cuisine? You may be better off going to more family-friendly restaurants in Gramercy or UWS.

                    1. re: zeeEats

                      The time frame the poster was talking about was early evening, as in pre-6 o'clock early for Saturday night, right?

                      From experience, for the Perla/Pearl and Ash, even the most rollicking popular place can fit a family in nicely in the early evening, it's usually surprisingly peaceful.

                      For the Jungsik/Betony, might be hard to get rez given it's a Saturday?

                      It might be a good time to also check out Breslin if you haven't already.