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L'Arpège, Paris - The best dishes will be remembered

MichelinStarDinners Sep 28, 2013 12:46 PM

Re-visited L'Arpège recently. Full text and review on my blog (see the link on my profile). Eventhough I was not excited by the vegetable tartlets (my god, so tiny...in reality, not ...on pics!!!) , the arlequin robe des champs (bitter, on this lunch) and couple of other dishes (the egg coquetier was subbar, the ravioles were creative but the version I had on this lunch was forgettable) it was all long forgiven in view of of the remarkable deliciousness of such items as the pigeon/lamb/corn risotto, benchmark creative takes on the gazpacho/red pepper velouté. I was immensely impressed with the best dishes of this meal which were so inspired and had such high impact (on my palate). There are always restaurant meals which finest dishes are impressive, but this one was something else. The heights of this meal, for their benchmark joyous flavors and superb creativity, will rarely be paralleled. L’Arpège continues to rank among my favourite 3 star Michelin destinations around the globe

  1. John Talbott Sep 28, 2013 01:08 PM

    Wonderful. Thanks

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