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Sep 28, 2013 12:30 PM

Will strawberry syrup color cake batter?

I made a batch of strawberry syrup and I'm over it's original intention (to be used to make strawberry soda).

So now I have this red syrup in the fridge. I was wondering, do you think I could use this syrup as food coloring for cake batter? I aim for natural food coloring (and just decorate desserts other ways for color if I don't have a food coloring). I was even thinking of using crushed freeze-dried berries for coloring. I've used crush freeze-dried raspberries as decoration on chocolate cake balls and OMG it was amazing.

Would the syrup alter the cake batter too much? Would the color not be strong enough?

Any other ideas for using the syrup? I was thinking as a topping on vanilla coconut ice cream or...that's all I could really think of. Or is this just a simple syrup made for beverages?

The syrup recipe I used:

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  1. you can use your strawberry syrup to add color to your cake, you may have to cut down on the liquid used ( water,milk) and maybe a little less sugar.

    You can thicken the syrup and use for fresh strawberry pie or fruit pizza.

    You can use a thickened syrup for chicken marinade (I'm thinking polynesian chicken with pineapple, etc) or sweet and sour pork /chicken.

    Just a few ideas . . .

    1. You will first need to reduce the syrup to a jammy consistency in order for it to contribute flavor and color to a cake. The color will be weaker, and perhaps a little browner in tint, than commercial food colorings. I'd recommend reducing the syrup on low to medium power in the microwave, monitoring and stirring every minute once it is getting thick. It's less likely to scorch that way than on the stove.

      1. Adding the Syrup to a Cake Batter is a bit of a wild Card, inadvisable IMO.
        Better to use it to soak already baked Cake Layers.
        Your idea about using freeze dried Berries is interesting.
        I bet you could take them and powder in a Mill then add directly to a Cake Batter with the dry Ingredients with great success. I may have to try that!

        1. You could use the syrup with some Greek yogurt to make frozen yogurt. That's what I do with my jams that don't set.

          1. Not enough to make a difference. If you use enough to color the batter, it'll ruin the cake. I used to play around w/ variations of natural colors to make a pink cake for my daughter (has red dye allergies) and it barely worked. If you want to see the color, check out Smitten Kitchen's cake, made w/ strawberry puree, which is redder than simple syrup, and she adds a couple of drops of red dye:


            You could brush it onto a genoise for a strawberry cake. It just won't be a bright pink color.