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Sep 28, 2013 12:21 PM

Louis XV, Monte Carlo - Fabulous experience, even if I was not floored by the overall food performance

Event: Lunch at restaurant Le Louis XV, Monte Carlo
When: Saturday September 21 2013, 12:15
(full text and photo review on my blog - the link can be found in my profile)
What I ate: Velouté rafraichi de courgette trompette, homard bleu court-bouillonné, caillé de brebis/Cookpot de petit épautre, girolles et jeunes légumes/Loup de la méditérannée (seabass) en filet piqué d’Olives, garniture et bouillon d’un minestrone, basilic pilé au mortier/Poitrine de Pigeonneau des Alpes de haute Provence, foie gras de canard, pommes de terre nouvelles sur la braise, jus gouteux aux abats.
All in all, this was some good and properly executed classic French/Med cooking. I just wished that the flavors of the savouries would have been more expressive. For eg, the Cookpot de petit épautre had flavors too discrete for a dish using pot cooking technique, a technique that usually allows flavors of ingredients to be at the forefront.
Conclusion: I may not have been floored by the overall food performance on this specific lunch (remember, nothing was wrong with the food, it is just that I tend to be partial to strong /bold/eventful flavors like those found in the dip of the crudités or while enjoying my baba au rhum ) , but Le Louis XV is a dining experience of superlative attributes (stunning decor, world class service, cheeses of the highest standards , choices of wines that will please the most demanding wine lovers and I can go on and on with the qualities).

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  1. I had one of the best dining experiences in Le Louis XV. I ll take a look at your blog..

    The service was superb, the bread was also the best from anywhere in the world, and the lunch price seemed to be very very reasonable.