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Sep 28, 2013 10:50 AM

A Hypothetical Microwave / Honey Cleaning Question

Let's suppose for a moment that someone who shall not be named had accidentally melted an entire container of honey into the microwave in an attempt to decrystallize gone awry. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

How exactly would that person best go about removing the honey from the microwave? The honey in this could possibly have happened but totally didn't scenario might be approximately at the softball stage of candy making, and could be imagined to be about a quarter of an inch deep in the bottom of the microwave. The turntable was theoretically removed to a sink full of hot water where the honey is figuratively melting away, but that's not an option for the honey that would theoretically still be in the bottom of the microwave because it overflowed the turntable.

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  1. As this situation is hypothetical, the photos you are about to see obviously do not exist.

    1. Ok to be completely honest, I have no idea but thank you for the laugh. My best guess would be to use something absorbent, like oat bran to soak it up and then scoop that out with w paper towel before wiping it down. But I don't know, it could create a bigger mess.

      1. First thing - give the little bear a decent burial.

        Let it cool. I'd just start scooping it up with a spoon into a container to be discarded. Then use a sponge wetted with very hot water and start wiping. It's not going to go quickly.

        How old is the hypothetical microwave? Could it be time to replace it with a much better model?

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          Alas, the microwave is both relatively new and built in, so very expensive to replace.

        2. We had a not-so-hypothetical young person make a similar mess with pancake syrup about 10 years ago. The microwave survived and is with us to this day. Take heart.

          As 512window says, scrape as much off as you can. Our mess was a bit shallower, but it's still a pain. I then made a sort of hot-towel poultice, and curled it in the well for the turntable to completely cover the goo. You want the towel wet enough to really contact the goo and soak it, but not so wet as to seep a lot. Nuke until hot and steamy, and get to the elbow grease. Repeat as necessary. Don't skimp on the towels. it's hard to rinse the sticky goo out to reuse the poultice for subsequent rounds. And: wear some heavy rubber gloves. It's hot work.

          Now, I don't know what if any differences in horrible-mess-ness there are between the pancake syrup and honey, but if one's willing to try anything, it's worth a go.

          1. Sorry for your hypothetical problems, but thanks for the laugh. I've been having a rough afternoon, but better than the poor bear's day.

            For scraping the remains up, do you have an old dollar store type spatula or one you don't really care what happens to to give you some leverage?

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            1. re: autumm

              I used a cheap plastic spackling knife for this. The rounded handle end helped with the curves of the turntable well sides. It worked pretty well, being rigid, and it was a cheap sacrifice to toss it.