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Sep 28, 2013 10:24 AM

Salmon Dashi on at Higgins

Maybe for a few more days. Started last night. This is as good a preparation of fish and especially salmon that I have ever had. They do it two times a year. This prep features matsutake mushrooms and seaweed over slightly sticky rice with the perfectly cooked fish in a beautiful Dashi broth. I crave it. Had it last night. May go again tonight. If you're in town or live in Portland I cannot recommend highly enough going and ordering this.

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  1. Just saying that it is still on. I have eaten the past three nights in a row. Incredibly delicious.

    1. This sounds fantastic! My guess is this might be gone by the time I get there in another week and a half.

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        I think it came off last night. Likely will not return again until May or June.