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Sep 28, 2013 09:18 AM

Black Sheep Bistro, Jessica's, Bob Cat Cafe, Storm Cafe, somewhere else?

We will be in the vicinity of Middlebury next week and need to fill in one dinner. It's been a few years since we've been in the area. Of the 5 restaurants listed above, which would you recommend? We are looking for good food and drink, and don't want to drive very far ( e.g., love Starry Night but want to stay closer to Middlebury). Also, what about eating at the Waybury Inn; used to love it but it's been years since we've eaten there.

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  1. We love the Bobcat. We were just there Wednesday. My favorite of the ones you have listed. They brew their own beers. Yum.
    I had the steak-ordered it medium and it came perfect. Spouse had the haddock dish and it got rave reviews. Mother in Law had the burger - it was HUGE. It looked great. Father in Law had the meatloaf-he really enjoyed it but be forewarned that the sauce it comes with is HOT. If you don't like a lot of spice but want the meatloaf, ask for it on the side-they'll happily oblige.
    Be sure to make a reservation for wherever you choose - its busy season here now between leaf peepers, college parents weekends and us locals who like to eat out!

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        The original post is 2 years old...looks like the Bobcat changed their website since then.
        Can still attest that the food there is excellent and is still my favorite restaurant in the area!

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          Thanks. Completely missed that it's an old thread come back to life.

    1. do not know but wanted to mention a place i saw in a magazine today- Three Squares- in Vergennes. Know noth about it; just liked the name and the ad.

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        Three Squares is a great place for lunch or breakfast. They serve dinner as well but it is the same menu for lunch. So if you feel like a sandwich or salad for dinner....
        Their burger is yummy and I really like their mesclun salad.

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          Thanks, bm_vt. That was my sense also -- more of a breakfast, lunch or casual dinner place.

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            ThreeSquares - Excellent choice for lunch variety, quality and value. Completely (un pretentious) informal