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Sep 28, 2013 08:35 AM

River Styx Greenpoint

Not great. And by not great, I mean not good.

The decor is very cool (being north Brooklyn and all) and the service was lovely.

For food, we began with the flash fried whitebait and mayo. The whitebait was not bad, but had a distinct gritty feeling in the teeth (like when you get a bit of grit in an oyster and your teeth squeak). I have had whitebait a few times before and didn't notice that. When I mentioned it to the waiter, he said he noticed it too and thought it was just the way it was. Hmmm.

I got the fish stew which was like a cheap rip off of cioppino. Squid, shrimp, fish and mussels in a tomato "sauce." The problem being there was no depth to the tomato sauce, no peppers, onions, garlic etc and the seafood clearly was not simmered in the sauce. So it was some fish in tomato juice. Didn't finish it.

My husband got the tofe (a pasta) with pulled pork, mussels and mustard greens. This dish didn't come together at all, and the disparate parts were poorly done. The tofe was aggressively al dente, the pork was not terribly tender and the bite from the mustard greens overwhelmed everything else.

I had a decent glass of barbera (at $13 a glass, one of the cheapest reds by the glass) and my husband had a 16-oz cocktail served with a bucketload of ice, rendering it a watery disaster.


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  1. That sounds terrible, but it corresponds with other reports I've heard. Have you tried the Bounty? That's the one new place we really like (aside from Broken Land, which is a bar not a resto).

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      we haven't because I found the menu a bit uninspiring. So many new restaurants in Brooklyn offer the same mains -- roast chicken, fish, pasta, burger, pork chop etc. Was it good? We like Broken Land a lot, too.

      1. re: chompchomp

        Yeah, we like it a lot. The menu isn't adventurous, but most of what they do they do very well. The fish dishes, the burger, and the gnudi are particularly good, as are the homemade crackers that accompany the cheese plate. Cocktails are great, and wonder of wonders –– you can get reasonable pours of good wine for under $10/glass (contrast that with the $12 I paid for 3oz of plonk on my one visit to Alameda). We've also found the service to be much friendlier than at some of the other new-ish spots.