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Sep 28, 2013 07:49 AM

Freezing Hard Boiled Eggs

I have more eggs than I can eat, and I'm looking for a way to preserve them. I thought about hard boiling, peeling, then freezing them. It would be convenient to have the eggs whole, but I'm not sure how they will thaw. It may be necessary to dice them before freezing. Any thoughts or past experience?

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  1. An old room mate of mine, a pastry chef, would freeze raw eggs in ice cube trays. She would crack them into the tray and gently break the yokes. When she needed them to bake she would pop them out and put them in a measuring cup to thaw in the fridge.

    Cooked eggs I would not freeze. I just can't imagine the texture being good, it'll be interesting to see if anyone has experience with it.

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      I did little Googling, this link says hard boiled eggs are tough and watery when defrosted but it gives you some raw options:

      1. Eggs keep a long time in the fridge

        1. Raw eggs will keep iin the fridge for several months, especially if they are stored on a shelf, not in the door.

          No to freezing hard-boiled due to textural issues.

          If you freeze a raw egg, the yolk will solidify and remain so after thawing. You can, however, beat the raw egg and freeze it, if you want to scramble it after thawing.

          If you want to use thawed eggs in cooking/baking, you need to beat the raw egg with salt or sugar.

          1. Eggs last a couple of months or more in the fridge. If one is off you will know it the moment you crack it

            Make a frittata or something if you are hard pressed to use them up. Good for breakfast, lunch or dinner

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              frittata and quiche-type items freeze well, if you want to cook in quantities.

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                D'accordo! (I agree!) There are so many different ways to make le frittate (plural). They are a good way to use up leftovers as well as fresh ingredients. I've had small pasta like ditalini (little fingers) as an ingredient, and at other times rice along with vegetables and cheese. As you suggested, good for any meal, or as an antipasto served at room temperature at a party.

              2. When eggs are on sale, I buy 5-6 dozen because they keep for months. I'm in the camp of freezing hard boiled eggs also. My local supermarket has a salad bar and I've seen them stock it with frozen and thawed chopped hard boiled eggs.

                I would chop them up, store in a ziplock or use a vacuum sealer and freeze. Can be used in egg salad, potato or other salads. It lasts about a month frozen.