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Anyone buy from the Flying Pigs Farm at the Union Square Greenmarket?

How does it compare to the meat sold at the butcher? Is it worth it? I went there to buy some leaf lard the other day and almost bought a pork loin roast. I may go there later today or next week but what do you think?

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            +4. it's been ages since i've been able to catch them at a farmer's market, and there's really nothing i've found like it.

    1. I know someone who used to regularly. Really likes all their products.

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        I buy all my sausages, bacon, and my eggs, at that stand. They also sell chicken stock in season. Lovely people and excellent products.

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          I second the recommendation for their eggs. Based on this thread I'm going to have to try some of their other stuff.

      2. Great place...some of best eggs in the Greenmarket imo and like their chorizo too...

        1. i've been buying from them for years, IMO you can't go wrong with anything you buy from them- some of the best pork around. more than worth the price.

          1. It's the best. You can't get this quality even from most of the best butchers. The blade roast is incredible. It's a cut you don't normally find, and the best pork roast I've ever eaten. Sausages are great too.

            1. Best pork you'll ever eat.

              (and don't trim off the fat. It's amazingly flavorful. Leave it on and with a little salt/pepper/herbs you don't need anything else).

                1. Haven't tried any of the really pricey cuts, but the basics, e.g. Canadian bacon, are like a completely different meat - marbled, rich, unreal. In fact, they're so good that I spent $75 last month just to ship one package of Canadian bacon & one package of brats to the West Coast for my dad's birthday ($50 for shipping).