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Sep 27, 2013 08:34 PM

Prospect Heights as a food neighborhood?

How is Prospect Heights' food scene? Restaurants, groceries, etc.

I moved to New York recently from San Francisco. I was bent on living in Manhattan (in particular, the East Village), but it's been a challenge within my budget. I saw a really lovely place in Prospect Heights tonight, literally a block from Grand Army Plaza, and I'm trying to decide whether to take it or not. I know there's a good farmer's market there; what else?

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  1. You should probably take it. In NYC, access to various neighborhoods is very important and Grand Army Plaza means easy subway access to Manhattan (both east and west sides) and other parts of Brooklyn. You have walking access, on one side of you, to the Vanderbilt Ave strip as well as nearby Washington Ave strip, then easy access to Flatbush Ave places (Franny's, Marco's, etc) and close proximity to Park Slope places, especially 7th Ave. on the other side of you.

    1. Its a great neighborhood (form a 30 year resident) with an increasing number of good food sources in addition to the excellent Farmer's Market. and those mentioned by Steve. Joyce's Bakeshop and Amorina on Vanderbilt, Brooklyn Larder and Morgan's BBQ on Flatbush and James on Carlton Ave being just a few.