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Sep 27, 2013 07:05 PM

do you know of anyone with their own chicken coop and selling fresh laid eggs?

maybe its just a small back yard set up thats OK. anywhere in MSP or within an hours deive of the Cities

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  1. I see people advertising in the for-sale-by-owner section of craigslist. These are individuals or small farms. Might want to search there.

    1. There is a house on the 4400 block of 30th Avenue South. Sorry, couldn't get the house number (it was dark!) but it is the second house from the corner, on the west side of the street. Has a big sign out front with chickens and eggs on it so that's a pretty good clue that you found it!

      1. if you are near plymouth, len bush roses has a fella who sells them for 3$ a dozen

        1. Three Rivers Gale Woods Farm Park in Minnetrista just west of Mound sells fresh laid eggs. You can get the multi-color white, brown, green or whatever they have.

          1. In Minneapolis it's actually illegal for backyard chicken owners to sell their eggs (since backyard coops aren't inspected), but trading/bartering is probably fine. I would barter for something but we only have three hens, so not quite enough to have eggs to spare!