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Sep 27, 2013 06:33 PM

Master Chef - Junior Edition Premier 9/27/13

So, I normally wouldn't watch a show like this, as I am not fond of the cooking with kids theme. I have to say this though - either those kids were coached REALLY well, or they're better than some adults competing on this show. Perhaps a bit of each.

I'll watch to see what they come up with next, so I'm hooked.

For now.

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  1. I only caught the last round of contestants but I was humbled by some of those desserts! I'm going to try to tune in enough to get the gest and to follow CH threads like this.

    I like the idea of intelligent Jr. chefs, handled with class. As long as the parents stay silent and the kids shine, I'm in.

    1. I was also pleasantly surprised by this. The kids were quite impressive considering their age. They also handled getting cut with a lot more grace and positivity than some adults on these types of shows. We're in for now too.

      1. I hadn't planned on watching, but my DVR recorded it. Wow. I'm impressed and humbled. Even if the kids were thoroughly well-coached, to recreates these dishes at this level while under time pressure is pretty amazing.

        Makes the Rachel and Guy show seem totally amateurish.

        This proves, by the way, that the team of MasterChef is fully capable of producing a show that is upbeat and professional and not garbage.


        1. I caught the last half hour or so; forgot it was on. Will have to look OnDemand later for the full show.

          I was utterly *floored* with the plating skills! Many were restaurant quality! The 13yo boy who got in during the last round (the oldest in the competition?) seems extremely skilled, but even the young 9yo boy who didn't make it (who got a bit weepy when he was told by Gordon he didn't make the cut) was good. As he said - he'll be back (if they do this again).

          The kids all seemed to like each other (at least in the rounds I watched) and genuinely cheered each other on when one got good reviews by the judges. As long as they don't get whiny, bratty, and pull the usual Fox-TV drama-laden crap, I'll make a note to watch.

          1. I was pleasantly surprised. My daughter loves the BBC Junior Master chef, so she was excited about this.

            And very impressed with the kids, to say the least. Not only their cooking and plating, but the way that they interacted with each other. I was relieved that the producers didn't seem to be going for any personal drama- hopefully it will stay that way.

            It was odd to see Joe smiling. I've seen Gordon with kids before so he and Graham weren't a surprise, but I was hoping that Joe would be able to rein it in. With any kind of luck they'll stick with mostly positive feedback.