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What to do with a package of frozen pork spare ribs...

that have been kicking around my freezer for a while. I know these are great on the barbecue but, unfortunately, I don't have the space or equipment to barbecue. So does anyone have a good recipe for spare ribs that can be made in the kitchen? A braised dish perhaps? Would it be a waste to make a good pork stock with them? Any ideas welcome!

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  1. You could braise them down to a "pulled pork" style product, either stove top or slow cooker. A good BBQ style sauce for flavor augmentation.

    1. Chinese style....Black Bean Sauce

      Italian Style......Baked with Long Hots and Onions.

      .....braised in Tomato Sauce, Sunday Gravy.

      1. From Molly Stevens ALL ABOUT BAISING
        these RIBS IN VIETNAMESE CARAMEL SAUCE type ribs http://www.foodmayhem.com/2009/10/bab...

        1. Are they country style ribs or spare ribs? If country style, you can cut them in cubes, brown them in a heavy dutch oven or sauce pot with a little oil then braise them with root veggies & potatoes for a pork stew. I usually make a gravy to braise them in which includes a bit of mustard and apple juice; add diced apples about 30 minutes before its done....so good! Start on the stove and put the pot in the oven to finish it.

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            I'm pretty sure they are spare ribs. But I like the idea of using some kind of apple product--I like braise bone-in pork chops in hard cider. I don't know if that would work with these though.

          2. Do you eat sauerkraut? A slow braise with sauerkraut till the kraut turns almost sweet and the ribs are super tender would be delicious. You can definitely put apples in there.

            1. Bake them low and slow for a few hours on a broiler pan, covering the ribs with foil sealed well around the edges. When they are almost falling off the bone, and a little crispy around the edges, bast on some BBQ sauce and bake uncovered for another 15 minutes or so.

              1. A few weeks ago I did black beans in a crockpot and dropped in some country ribs. I don't see why it wouldn't work with spare ribs. I seasoned with garlic, allspice, peppers, and cider vinegar plus a little vegetable broth.

                1. I'm liking some of these ideas! One thing I am definitely curious about though is how spareribs turn out when braised. They are not super-meaty so they lend themselves very well to barbecue but I have hard time picturing how they would work in a braised dish. Do you pull the meat off the bones (and pitch the bones) before serving or serve them bone-in and cut the meat off the bones at the table with a fork and knife? I would guess that you wouldn't pick them up with your hands like you would when they're barbecued.

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                    I've made the ribs and sauerkraut thing quite often, though with no recipe.

                    I've cut the ribs up into portions, say 3 or 4 ribs per portion and seared those off. They go in the bottom of the pan with the sauerkraut and whatever else (sauteed onions, sliced apples, caraway seeds if someone likes, etc.) piled on top.

                    For service, a portion or two of the ribs plus the sauerkraut next to it (potatoes or spaetzle make a great add'l side). The rib bones basically just slide out of the meat with a little pressure from fork and knife, leaving you just the boneless ribs that you can then eat with a fork.

                    Anyway, that's how I've done it!

                    Oh, and I've stirred everything together towards the end of cooking so the meat juices mix up with the kraut.

                  2. Defrost.........put in a 450 oven for 15 mins...turn the heat down to 300 cover them with sauce.......2-3 hours later.......YUMMY