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Sep 27, 2013 05:32 PM

Anniversary dinner in MKE-Hinterland, Braise, or c1880?

For the 4th year running, my husband and I are heading to Milwaukee for our anniversary in late October. We are tempted to go back to Hinterland, which we LOVED last year, but I am wondering if anyone can make a case for either Braise or c1880 instead. From older threads it seems that c1880 has spotty service, has this improved? We are willing to deal with less than perfect service if the food is spectacular. Some words which describe our perfect menu would be local, seasonal, adventurous, and inventive. Our past dinners in Milwaukee include Roots (good but not really inventive, maybe because we had the Sunday dinner), Smyth (very good, but not transcendent), Sanford (sorry all, but we found it really underwhelming...some highlights but generally kind of bland and expected), and Hinterland, which was everything we could have wanted in a meal.

We will also be having a lunch/brunch and maybe a breakfast, too. We have always slept in and then gone to Comet Cafe, kind of a tradition of insane gluttony, but if anyone has any other places they think we should try instead, we are game!

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  1. I think both Braise and Hinterland are really great, but Hinterland would be my personal preference for an anniversary dinner because of its urban setting and a general "big city" feel and glamour that I enjoy. Braise is charming and very pleasant and it feels like a wonderful neighborhood restaurant; (I live in a small town in the U.P. so that might explain why I'm drawn to the more "downtown" feel of Hinterland for special events.)

    Milwaukee has some great breakfast places. The Comet is excellent but if you want to try something different Watts Tea Shop downtown is just as special in its own way. It's a throwback to an earlier era of "ladies who brunch". Just a block from the Pfister which is very convenient if you happen to have the good fortune of staying there,)

    1. Our meal at c 1880 in July was not spectacular at all. The space is cool & I like the concept. We could have forgiven a lot if the food blew us away. But it didn't.

      In contrast, we always find at least one very impressive item at Hinterland, usually more.

      1. Are you limited to only those three options? I can think of many places in the metro Milwaukee area that are superior.

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          Feel free to recommend any others, these are just the three we are leaning towards.