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Sep 27, 2013 04:15 PM

Dinner near Barclay's Center in Brooklyn

Hello Chowhounds-going to show Sunday at Barclay's and we are looking for someplace close by for dinner (no car, going by subway). What can you recommend and why? Thank you so much--always get the best ideas from here!

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  1. I like Berlyn ( a block or so north on Lafayette, across from BAM.

    1. I was just in BK last weekend but im not totally sure of where these are in relation: (these are both within a block or two of eachother)

      Bevacco (Debi Mazar's, the actress, husband-Gabriele)-it looked casual but nice, italian-not red sauce italian per se. yummy sounding pizza's and pastas.

      Jack The Horse Tavern-stopped in and got drinks-great happy hour cocktails, everyones dinner looked and smelled great!! Cute place tucked away next to beautiful brownstones-a few blocks up and the best view of manhattan!! VERY close to the brooklyn bridge.

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        Not close to barclays. Brooklyn is big.

        1. re: thegforceny

          bevacco and jack the horse are in bk heights (as thegforceny stated, not close to barclays) an aside, i prefer noodle pudding and river deli to bevacco for italian.

      2. Kaz an Nou is a great little French Caribbean BYOB spot around the corner from the Barclay Center. The food is always good and nothing beats bringing your own.
        Other solid options are Chuko on Vanderbilt and Dean (if you're into ramen, this place has some of the best), or James on St. Marks/Carlton (they have a Sunday Supper for $30). Also, Morgan's BBQ recently opened on St.Marks/Flatbush, and I've heard good things about it. All of these places are walkable and well worth it!

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          I wrote this in a previous thread on this subject, but I also vote Kaz an Nou. It's sweet and intimate, and the food was unique and delicious.

          I really need to try Chuko!

        2. We had a fabulous dinner at Melt the last time we went to Barclay.

          1. Melt has since closed after a truckload of health violations.

            Go to Convivium Osteria. You won't regret it.

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            1. re: Vesuvius

              Melt closed?? It was so good. Such is life.

              1. re: Motosport

                Oh boyfriend and I liked Melt as well. Too bad. We had no idea about the health violations, either.

                1. re: Vesuvius

                  I just suggested Convivium on a different thread. Great food, beautiful location.

                  If you are going less formal Franny's up the block (the clam pie is really all that) or Bonnie's for wings/burgers (best wings I've had in NYC.)

                  1. re: hambone

                    Franny's is no long "just up the block". The moved quite a bit down Flatbush Ave. Their old place is now Marco's, an Italian restaurant; same owners.

                      1. re: hambone

                        I've not been their either. Here's a NY Times (non food oriented) article:

                    1. re: hambone

                      we like Franny's but not the clam pie so much. Its about 5 min walk farther away now than the old location. Still waiting to visit Marcos.