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Sep 27, 2013 03:34 PM

rockland, maine

recommendations for lunch downtown?

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  1. I have not to been to any of the below options, but I am heading up there soon so have gleaned these recs from other Chowhounders (on this NNE board). These were under my list of breakfast/lunch places I might try. So, just sharing the recs from other's recent posts. Some are breakfast/lunch only:

    - Camden, Marriner's Restaurant

    35 Main St Camden, ME 04843 (207) 236-4949

    - Rockland, Rockland Cafe

    441 Main St. Rockland, ME 04841 (207) 596-7556

    - Rockland, Home Kitchen Cafe

    650 Main St Rockland, ME 04841 (207) 596-2449

    - Also, the Samoset in Rockland/Rockport. Some have said they do a great brunch.

    1. The only glaring thing missing from this great list is Home Kitchen Cafe (all good, but especially the Banh Home or the fish tacos):

      1. wound up trying Home Kitchen Café, and recommend it highly. indeed, the fish tacos were terrific, on home-made tortillas no less! steak and cheese sub on home-baked sub roll is also worth mention. if you get a warm day, upstairs deck overlooks the harbor. what could be better?