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Sep 27, 2013 02:59 PM

Asheville NC: Fine Food for Elderly Foodie Father?

My family will meet in Asheville NC to celebrate my father's 80th birthday. He's not a picky eater, will enjoy anything good, BUT he and my stepmom will not like the kind of deliberately noisy interior that so many contemporary restaurants create. (To tell the truth, I hate it when that happens too.) What are the Asheville options for non-cacophonous cuisine?

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  1. Don't go to Early Girl then - the noise level there is about the worse in town.

    Many of the downtown restaurants are noisy due to the glass and brick of the older buildings. Dining a little earlier may help. I'm not coming up with any suggestions, hopefully others will have ideas.

    1. I would suggest Storm Rhum Bar. Book an early reservation, and ask for one of the corner tables near the windows.

      1. I haven't been in a long time, but Posana is usually pretty quiet, has a nice atmosphere and good food. I sent some people there for a business lunch and they enjoyed it.

        I don't think Chestnut is terribly loud either. We usually sit at the bar so I'm not sure about the noise level of the table service. I would choose them over Posana for quality of food.

        Am thinking Corner Kitchen in Biltmore Village is not too noisy and has good food and nice atmosphere.

        I think someone asked a similar question about noise several months back?? not sure what was suggested or where they went. A search may pull it up.

        I have found Storm to be noisy before but we haven't been in awhile and also a corner table with an early rez as Jeff suggests might work well. They have great food too.

        1. I'd look at Fig, Rezaz or Corner Kitchen in Biltmore Village. Maybe Cucina 24 downtown.

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            Yes, Fig is another good choice. I have found Rezaz (which we love ) to be very noisy, but perhaps an early rez would help?

          2. Thanks for these replies. I managed to reach Rezaz today, and they have a private room available for the night I wanted, and so I think I'll go with them. Dad actually said he'd like a private room one night so that he could make a little "speech that I hope will be amusing," so this sounds like a very good situation.

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              I've hosted company dinner programs in that room before and they do a great job...hope you enjoy it...I always do!

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                Ooo, a private room would be perfect. Their food is excellent.