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Sep 27, 2013 02:53 PM

From eaterla - Ludo Will Fry Chicken at Staples Center via Ludo Bird

Interesting. The line length is hard imagine.

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  1. Had it last night. The lines were't long but the wait after ordering was. The chicken was fantastic. I guess they'll figure out how to streamline the process after a few games. Worth the wait, though.

    1. I had it last night at the game as well. The lines were no longer than any other concession stand line. A bunch of people were complaining about the portion size. The chicken itself was very good, excellent seasoning and pretty crispy given the circumstances.

      $11.50 will get you 3 strips or 2 pieces of dark meat fried chicken. They also have a chicken sandwich for about the same price. The sandwich looked like 2 strips on a bun. One sauce is included. All sides are $3.50 - potato salad, chips, cole slaw or lavendar honey biscuit.

      1. Had it last Sunday. Showed up about 30 minutes before the Laker tip-off. NOBODY in line.

        the chicken was pretty much the same as the Ludo Truck. 'Twas quite good. Try it with the Ludo Bird Sauce.