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Round cake pan recommendation?

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I'm new to baking layer cakes and would appreciate recommendations for a set of round cake pans. I usually bake cakes in Pyrex, so not sure what to look for in a metal pan.

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  1. Couple things. Whether you get 8 inch or 9 inch pans, get them 2 inches high. 9x2 pans are my go-to.

    Also, make sure they're straight sided. If the pans can nest inside each other, the sides are sloped, and you don't want that.

    I love Chicago Metallic pans(and can't wait to get mine out of storage!)

    1. Definitely get the 2 inch sided pans. I inherited my set of 8 inch diameter pans, and the bake overs from the one inch sides are not pretty.

      1. Williams-Sonoma Gold Touch. No doming...even browning, releases easily. Love it. I assume USA Pan cake pans should be of equivalent quality as Williams-Sonoma Goldtouch is manufactured by them. These are 2" high. I also recommend the 9". I would get the set of 2 to save a little money.

        1. I love my Williams-Sonoma Gold Touch cake pans. They cook evenly and release easily.

          1. Thanks so much for the responses and recommendations!

            1. Fat Daddio's aluminum cake pans are what I prefer to use. Made in the USA. I have them in 8" and 9" that are the typical 2" deep and I also have some that are 3" deep.

              Other things you should have are parchment pre-cut rounds in 8" and 9". Baker's Joy to spray the pans with. Don't use Pam. The Baker's Joy takes care of the greasing and flouring steps. Another thing I find is a must are the insulating strips. They are about 2" in depth. you soak them in cold water and then wrap them around the out side of the cake pans. They keep the cake from doming.

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                I only worry about cakes doming when I am trying a very large sheet cake or birthday cake. I have had very good luck with reducing oven temp 50 degrees or so, and wrapping strips of old towel (wet and wrung out) around the outside of the pan.

              2. Walmart has a really nice selection of Wilton cake pans at a great price, you can also find them on Amazon for a good price. You don't need to spend an arm and a leg. Wilton pans will hold up to anything, just don't use super abrasives when cleaning. I've had mine over 20 years.


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                1. Thanks for the recommendations and tips!

                  1. I like Chicago Metallic Professional cake pans, they are fairly heavy gauge aluminum with 2" straight sides and a non-stick finish.

                    Amazon has them here.. http://www.amazon.com/Chicago-Metalli... ...but they can be found in a lot of local shops (I bought mine at my local grocery store).