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Sep 27, 2013 12:28 PM

Round cake pan recommendation?

I'm new to baking layer cakes and would appreciate recommendations for a set of round cake pans. I usually bake cakes in Pyrex, so not sure what to look for in a metal pan.

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  1. Couple things. Whether you get 8 inch or 9 inch pans, get them 2 inches high. 9x2 pans are my go-to.

    Also, make sure they're straight sided. If the pans can nest inside each other, the sides are sloped, and you don't want that.

    I love Chicago Metallic pans(and can't wait to get mine out of storage!)

    1. Definitely get the 2 inch sided pans. I inherited my set of 8 inch diameter pans, and the bake overs from the one inch sides are not pretty.

      1. Williams-Sonoma Gold Touch. No doming...even browning, releases easily. Love it. I assume USA Pan cake pans should be of equivalent quality as Williams-Sonoma Goldtouch is manufactured by them. These are 2" high. I also recommend the 9". I would get the set of 2 to save a little money.

        1. I love my Williams-Sonoma Gold Touch cake pans. They cook evenly and release easily.

          1. Thanks so much for the responses and recommendations!