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Sep 27, 2013 12:14 PM

Taste of France at Bryant Park this weekend

I don't know whether this a new thing in NYC or not but I saw a few advertisements for this event. It definitely includes food.. Is it worth the trouble of coming from NJ on the weekends with 2 kids?

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  1. Monica, if you do, Madison Square Park is also having its semi-annual "Madison Square Eats" event, which if memory serves, starts this weekend.

    So, if you do come out to the city, make a double!

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Oh!! I forgot madison sq opens already! I went a few times to the last one, the vendors keep getting better....

    2. Monica, make it a triple...

      My friend sent me his tix for the French thing so I'll try to make it there as well

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      1. re: Ziggy41

        I am entering the Dumpling Eating Contest. Look for me.

          1. re: Ziggy41

            I didn't make it there until the contest was over.

            How was it? Heard about the green giant dumpling ...

            1. re: ipsedixit

              Didn't see it. Didn't stay long enough

          2. re: ipsedixit

            I've been to the Dumpling Festival and the dumplings I had (Korean, Japanese, and Chinese) were all sub par... -_-; Mostly vegetable dumplings or chicken dumplings were offered. A $20 ticket entitled me to taste 4 booths, so each dish from a booth cost $5 and I don't think it was worth that much. I was rather disappointed and got two bottles of ginger ale instead of my last dumpling dish.

            I much prefer 'Taste of France at Bryant Park'. Intercontinental Barclay Hotel booth sold Marseille Bouillabaisse for $3!!! It had shrimp, three pieces of fish, mussel, and clam. It was great value for money.

            1. re: kosmose7

              Several French acquaintances are going to taste of France. It should be worthwhile.

              1. re: kosmose7

                Can I get the ticket on the spot? The Dumpling Festival was so crowded, lines were long...for reheated dumplings. And the Whole Foods staffs were certainly not too happy about the restroom usage.

                1. re: gargupie

                  You need to purchase "Marianne" tickets in order to buy food at 'Taste of France at Bryant Park'. "Marianne" is the currency used at the event and there are several "Marianne" sales counters on the spot. 1 "Marianne" = $1 and once you buy it, no refund.

                2. re: kosmose7

                  Exactamundo! I did exactly the same thing with my 4th and final choice yesterday. I wish you would have posted earlier. Your basic dumplings and greasy empanadas. Nothing creative or expensive like the pastrami in smorgasberg because you pay for that ticket in advance
                  It was more about the dumpling eating competition than the actual food. A woman from Tennessee ate 90 beating all the men.

                  By the time we got to the French we weren't hungry since we went to MSE in between. Daleny's brisket tacos were fantastic. Now that's a food fair

                  1. re: Ziggy41

                    Oooh! I'm going to MSE tues pm-maybe i should start a new thread for everyone to post like/love/hate input......

            2. Went to medieval festival at Cloisters and had smoked turkey legs instead.

              1. I enjoyed ToF. I think the side booths were more interesting than the main event, especially the cheesecake one.

                The perfect weather today probably made the event better than it would've been otherwise.

                The balloon was cool, however.