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Sep 27, 2013 12:00 PM

Victoria - Any ethnic cheap eats and gems?

New to town, and looking for the following...

Jamaican Patty
Chinese buns

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  1. Caribbean place on Quadra, near Hillside
    Chinese buns (like regular Char Sui Bao?) bakery on Government St. one spot north of tattoo place, mid-way btw Fisgard & Herald. There's ones at Wai Ly Yuen as well - but I like the ones around the corner.
    Tacos at Norte Street Food (only to end of Oct though, then they're on holidays). Or La Taquisa (west side village by Save-on foods, until 2nd location opens on Blanshard, near Fort). Two trucks that are great (depending on how authentic or not you're going for) Tacofino (behind Memorial Arena) and Taco Justice League (wellburn's parking lot Cook, near Pandora)