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Sep 27, 2013 10:08 AM

Dinner recommendation 1night in Atlanta- trying to be specific


My wife and I are in town for an event and have one free dinner. We are staying at the W in Buckhead. Below is what we are hoping to find:

- We are professionals in our early 30s. somewhere that is fun/lively for people in our age group.

- will have atmosphere/be busy on a sunday night.

- experience local cuisine or local to this part of the Country. (we are from Toronto). FYI- heading to New Orleans from Atlanta.

- Price is not really an issue but doesn't need to be $$$$. Care more about the type and quality of the food and the atmosphere.

-We have a car but somewhere close to where we are staying would be preferable.

- Patio would be nice option if it stays warm enough by mid October.


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    1. re: carolinadawg

      I had seen some of them. Nothing is jumping out at me. I thought Holeman and Finch looked interesting but seems like the highlight there is the burger. Also wasn't sure about the atmosphere on a Sunday night. Is there a street/area of Atlanta with an emerging restaurant/night life scene?

      Is there anywhere in specific you recommend that would meet most of what we are looking for??


    2. Bistro Niko or Veni Vidi Vici---Bistro has good bar scene and a small number of patio dining spots

      1. Actually, Cook Hall, the restaurant inside the W Buckhead meets a few of your criteria. Really nice patio. Keeps you from having to drive and lets you enjoy an extra cocktail from their really good bar. Maybe worth it to check it out before venturing off in search of the same thing.

        1. A couple other options nearby would be Seven Lamps or Bhojanic near Lenox Mall. We met friends and had drinks and a snack at Seven Lamps then walked down the way to finish up at Bhojanic (OK, so Indian isn't 'local').

          Very different menus. And the service at Bhojanic has been lousy a couple times and decent this last time (though the server didn't know that La Fin du Monde was the beer not the brewery, which led to beer delivery error).

          Both have patios that are pretty nice, considering the strip mall surroundings.