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Sep 27, 2013 09:31 AM

ISO a fresh, home-made muffin (i..e. not scooped out of a bucket and baked)

Fellow chowhounders,
I am sort of desperate for a truly fresh old school muffin that didn't come pre-mixed in anyway. Fresh.
A crispy dome, perfectly textured inside.
Does this still exist in downtown Toronto?
I am most grateful.
I bake my own but I never achieve that truly crispy crust.

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  1. Not downtown, but I adore the muffins at The Flaky Tart. In addition to being tender and delicious, I love the fact that they are the size of a regular ol' cupcake cup, not some mutant mini loaf.

      1. thank you kindly.
        I wonder why given the University crowd living neaby nothing like a decent fresh from scratch bakery (Cobs is fine for bread but no muffins there) is around Bloor and Bathurst?

        1. The O&B muffins (at Canteen and the basement of the Bay)are probably pre-mixed somewhere, but very crispy on top. However I do find them too oily and dense. But worth a try if you are in the area.

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            I have had a couple of great muffins at Lazy Daisy's on Gerrard just west of Coxwell.

          2. Cafe Plenty on Dundas near University. They bake fresh daily, and their baked items are totally to die for. I thought they were overpriced initially, but then I tried a selection of their products and were blown away!

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              Bakery Cafe Olya, Parliament Street south of Wellesley, in Cabbagetown. Sublime selection varies, and some days no muffins, just scones and croissants and cookies and whatever else she feels like in little batches. True micro-bakery. Call ahead for what's warm.