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Sep 27, 2013 09:23 AM

Any RECENT reviews/reports/pictorials for Asanebo?

Asanebo just unseated Urasawa as top restaurant on Zagat's list ( The restaurant was started over 20 years ago by board fave Shunji Nakao and his brother Tetsuya, both original sushi chefs under Nobu at Matsuhisa in the 80s. It had a Michelin star back when Michelin handed out stars in L.A.

Asanebo comes up in conversation not infrequently when discussing high end sushi/omakase but I haven't really read any RECENT reviews, reports, or pictorial essays. Are most high-end sushi eaters just sticking to the Westside or Little Tokyo and not venturing into the SFV (though Go's Mart is also in SFV and seems to get more action from 'hounds than Asanebo does)?

Anyway, just wondering if anyone's been recently and wanted to share.

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  1. It's aged. Much like Maison Akira has. Its heyday was a few years past.

    Geography is not the factor (I still go to Go's Mart despite the schlep).

    1. The name "Asanebo" is quite interesting, and is a common expression in Japanese. Do the chefs get to work on time?

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        Maybe Nobu liked to get the Nakao bros. up early so when they became owners of their own place it was a little wishful thinking that they'd be able to sleep in now that they're the bosses. *shrug*

      2. I might go next month...