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Sep 27, 2013 08:36 AM

Dinner options in Denver

My husband and I will be in Denver next month at a conference and was wondering if I could get some suggestions for dinner options in the downtown area...or at least I think it's the downtown area. We are staying a few blocks from the Colorado convention center. We will not have a car, so I will need places to which we can walk or take mass transit.
We love good food and have no particular dislikes. We particularly like restaurants that serve locally grown food. My max price range is between $18-30/entree, but would welcome less expensive options as well. We love good beer from local breweries and I understand that there are a lot of microbreweries in the area?
Thanks in advance! Amelia

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  1. TAG, Rioja, Row14, and Osteria Marco are all within walking distance and excellent. There are plenty of local breweries, but none within walking distance of downtown. However, you will find our local beers at most restaurants. Have fun in Denver!

    1. kirkaw, your understanding is correct. Anything that is considered downtown, "LoDo", Larimer Square, are all accessible via walking or the 16th Street Mall bus.

      Other options:
      The Kitchen, it's not the original (which is in Boulder) but the company has always been a local food champion.
      Euclid Hall
      Cholon Bistro
      Lucky Pie (great artisan pizza, lots of beers)

      As for breweries, there are some in walking distance. A couple of chains, and Wynkoop and Great Divide. But I'd focus on the food, as you can get great local beers at many/all of these places.

      1. If you would like to go to a place that has both good food and an excellent variety of beer from Colorado breweries, I second Euclid Hall.

        The Kitchen has quite the beer list, but not that many from Colorado. However, it may be your second choice restaurant based on your criteria.