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Sep 27, 2013 07:59 AM

Updated Rec's Near Union Transfer?

Searched the Board already but haven't seen an updates since a year ago, and just wondered if anyone had some suggestions for bites near UT. Taking in the KT Tunstall show tonight with my Dad and Stepmom (it really is more than fun that it sounds - he still rocks!), and will probably be up for small plate style refreshments following - in the 9 PM range. Any suggestions would be appreciated as that is not an area I visit as often as I should.

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  1. There's Silk City Diner, on Spring Garden at 5th. Big menu, you can get whatever you want, and plenty of street parking.

    For more upscale and creative, you can go to Bar Ferdinand in Northern Liberties. Parking can be a problem.

    1. There is Sazon at 9th and Spring Garden, but it is BYOB

      1. In addition to the above suggestions, there is also Llama Tooth right across the street from UT, and Prohibition Taproom a couple of blocks away.

        Sorry this is too late for your show, but might be good for future searches. :)

        1. Also the Trestle Inn a few blocks down 11th street, which has been transformed from a real dive bar to a classy dive. A dozen excellent taps and they specialize in classic whiskey sours (made with egg whites). I have not eaten there, but the menu looked pretty good.