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where do I buy microgreens?

Where can I buy microgreens around Boston as a consumer, not a restaurant? Bonus points for edible flowers, too.

I'm specifically looking for hearts-on-fire and watercress - in fact, I'm actualy looking for regular watercress too, while we're at it.

I know Sid Wainer does these things but it's such a trek.

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  1. Marblehead, Swampscott, and Salem's farmers markets have both micro greens as well as edible flowers.

    1. Atlas farm at the Copley Farmer's Market brings in mixed microgreens from Old Friends Farm. All their greens are fantastic. My husband eats them from the bag like candy. I'm afraid to get the micros. He would eat the bag in two bites.

      Old Friends come in to the Newton Cold Spring Market on tuesdays.


      You could email them to see if they can bring specific ones for you.

      Sienna farm has edible flowers in their salad mix. Again they may be able to supply what you want.


      1. I bought watercress at the Milton fruit center yesterday.

        1. I don't know about watercress specifically, but the Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge is where I've been buying mine, though I haven't been in 3 weeks.

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            Bought them at Formaggio Friday, they have them nearly every week.

          2. This isn't terribly helpful, but I looked all over Somerville for watercress recently, with no success. I didn't check Whole Foods, so that's a possibility. I ended up using arugula/rocket instead.

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              Market Basket in Somerville usually has watercress (but not specifically micro greens) next to the cilantro, culantro, dill, and other herbs.

            2. Asian markets like Kam Man usually have it all the time.

              Milton has it most but not all of the time.

              1. Maitland Mountain Farm has edible flowers and can be found at a bunch of farmers markets.

                1. Thanks, y'all!

                  I also found many, many online sources for those who can't do local, such as http://www.gourmetsweetbotanicals.com

                  1. Whole Foods Fresh Pond had a nice selection last night.