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Sep 27, 2013 07:16 AM

La Crepe ~ East Brunswick

Just saw an ad for this place in one of the mailers. Any info?

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  1. Just back from brunch there. Quick verdict is ... worth the trip.

    The place is very clean, a lot of white d├ęcor and comfortable seating. There were a lot of people there mid morning Sunday, most eating crepes or pastry. The service is quick and friendly, even when they were pressed as they were today.

    We had crepes - two savory and one sweet, and also some soup with dumplings and a chocolate croissant. First and most importantly, everything was good to very good. Even the chocolate croissant was second only to Flaky Tart as the best one I've had locally.

    The odd thing that keeps nagging at me is that the vibe of the staff and the food is not French for me. It seems more eastern European somehow. I would appreciate another's thoughts on this, so I hope one of our other local hounds makes the trip soon and tells me if I am crazy or what.

    But do go. I even bought more than a few pastries and savories to take home as we were all happy with the food.

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      Thanks for the post, seal! Sounds great!! I definitely want to try it. Can I ask you, what savory crepe did you have? They all sound terrific, but would love to know what you had..since I am a copycat :)

      1. re: Angelina

        Lol. I had a ham, cheese, and tomato.

        Since my post I have stopped and gotten take out as it is on my way home. We had a very good piece of chicken pot pie, some slightly greasy but also good fried cauliflower, a decent but not great stuffed pepper and a few chocolate croissant and also a nice lemon tart.