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Vincel's Taylor Texas Cafe

Brent Howard Nov 11, 2004 11:12 AM

How come none of the Que fans in Central Texas ever mention Vincel's. I have eaten at all the highly acclaimed ones. In fact, I ate at Cooper's in Llano and Mueller's in Taylor withing the last three days. The best brisket and sausage I have had in a LONG time, by far, was at Vincel's yesterday. It was my first time there. Can't believe no one else is raving!

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    Rick Smith RE: Brent Howard Nov 11, 2004 05:27 PM

    I also ate there for the first time about two months ago after reading about it in Robb Walsh's "Legends of Texas BBQ" book. There are a few reasons why I think no one really hypes it. It appears WAY past its prime as it kind of looks like its still open to pay for beers for Vencil and his buddies that were sitting around drinking the Sunday I was there. The brisket and sausage were "OK", but not at all remarkable to me. Although I'm not a big fan of Louie Muellar's, I can see why it gets all the pub. The folks at LM are still trying to earn and keep people's BBQ business, at VTs it didn't look like anyone really cared one way or another. Add to that it is almost impossible to get to because of the overpass and the once truly segregated attitude of the business and owner, it just kind of had a weird vibe to me. Id be interested to here any other opinions on this place.

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      treese RE: Rick Smith Nov 14, 2004 03:48 PM

      I have been to Vincels a couple of times and have a couple of comments.
      1. The sausage was really good. Close to City Market in Luling which is the best I have had.
      2. They are still segragated by an unspoken code. No one is going to say anything to you about it, but if you look around it does not take long to figure it out.
      This place is a total throw back. Nothing has changed in there for 50 years.
      3. It is kind of cool to see the old man still plying his trade after all these years.
      I still say Mueller's is the best in Taylor, if not Central Texas. I am still working my way around to all the legends. Would love to see more post on Centex BBQ.

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        Brent Howard RE: treese Nov 16, 2004 04:05 PM

        I am surprised to see the post about segregation at Vincel's. I would certainly not approve of the place if that is the case. I can report that there was an older black man and several Hispanic men eating at Vincel's while I was there and my server was a Hispanic woman speaking spanish to the patrons. I saw nothing out of the ordinary but have only been there one time and was there for only about 30 to 45 minutes.

        1. re: Brent Howard
          benny bradshaw RE: Brent Howard Jan 11, 2005 04:58 PM

          At Vencil's, you will notice that there are two entry doors and the interior is kind of like a mirror image. The "people of color" entered through one door and white people entered though the other door, then they sat in their seperate-but-equal sides of the restaurant.

          The closest door to the parking was/is the "people of color" door since is was also closer to the poorer section of town. This means that a white person from out of town arrives, parks their car, then enters through the closest door will advertise that he "ain't from around here".

          Sausage was good, but I never got comfortable there. I'll take Louie Mueller's brisket anytime I am in Taylor.

    2. t
      trlckykid RE: Brent Howard May 9, 2009 05:25 PM

      I couldn't stand this food, It wasn't bbq. I smelled no smoke and the sausage casing was maid of condoms I think. The sauce I'm pretty sure was pace picante with ketchup. I'm from the Lulling Lockhart area so I'm a bit spoiled but this was pretty bad regardless of me being a bbq snob.

      1. j
        Jaymes RE: Brent Howard May 9, 2009 08:04 PM

        I went there a while back. Everybody in the place was smoking. It was very unpleasant. I got something to go and left quickly. By the time I got back to Austin, the 'cue was cold, but the wrapping still reeked of cigarette smoke.

        All in all, not a fun experience. I suppose if it were the only BBQ place around, I'd have to go there.

        But it isn't.

        And so I don't.

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