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Sep 27, 2013 06:25 AM


Ive not seen Lardo (the delicate salumi like Lardo di colonnata) served in Italy except for thin slices layered on bread (bruschetta) or on gnocchi fritti or similar in Emilia. Wondering, are there other dishes served in Italian restaruants in which it is used as an ingredient? I have a chunk of lovely Spanish lardo just now.

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  1. Just received mine from La Tienda yestersday, and I'm wondering about the same thing. My husband thought we might stuff some slices between the skin and breast of a chicken before roasting it.

    1. I have seen it used as a wrap on fish....

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        For us, the best place (actually, there is no other place) to eat Lardo di Colonnata is Venanzio in Colonnata. There, it is best served on a piece of hot Tuscan bread.

      2. i have seen it lightly laid on a steak.
        I worked with dario cecchini for years, his burro del chianti, which is a ground lard with herbs, i use for cooking.

        1. Here in Umbria, we use it chopped with garlic and rosemary then spread on chicken before roasting - delicious! Also great used as soffritto, mixed with finely chopped carrots, onions & celery for a soup base (for us, lentil, chickpea or farro soup).

          1. Lately it has become the ingredient of choice on 'gourmet' panini. It's lovely with mozzarella, or else grilled vegetables.

            I also recently had it in Umbria atop a bruschetta, and topped with loads of grated truffles.

            At L'Asino d'Oro here in Rome, the chef Lucio often floats a lardo topped crostino in the middle of his bean or chickpea soups.